Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Broken Contract Kickstarter

Restraint Drone plucking a Breaker helplessly out of a rioting mob. 

Right now there is a Kickstarter running for the Broken Contract Miniature Starter Set. This set is part of a passion project I've been working on for the last year and a half. Broken Contract is a miniature adventure game. It is equal parts boardgame, miniature wargame, and RPG. It tries to capture the excitement of an action-adventure movie in game form without getting too cerebral. The goal is for the players (2-8) to immerse themselves in the characters and events as they unfold. It uses an extensive list of actions with simple D6 rolls to perform them to allow for everything from leaping chasms to diving under closing doors without elaborate abstraction interfering with your mental image of the events.

The game's story set in a dystopian future where workers are simply resources to be exploited. From time to time, workers rise up and lash out against their corporate masters. The year is 2308AD and mankind has spread to the stars in search of new resources. Corporations have supplanted nations, and all of humanity is tethered in some degree to them. Broken Contract, for now, is focusing on one such corporation, FerrumSky. On the far off planet of Hathor we meet a cast of characters bound to FerrumSky in the iron mines of Orin Settlement. 

Four of the Characters from the Kickstarter. Officer Hickley, Adesi Haddonis, Nells Turnbull, and Trest.

This Kickstarter is trying to raise money to manufacture that introductory cast of characters, and it has succeeded in meeting the initial funding goal which is FANTASTIC! Still, we're trying to push it even further so that we can fund a bunch of terrifying, oppressive, flying drones, because why kind of dystopian future would it be without things like Surveillance Drones, Sonic Disruptor Drones, Gas Drones, Terrorwave Drones. and Restraint Drones? Yes. I have Drone dreams, and we need help making them a reality. Check out the Kickstarter and think about giving us a boost toward that dream.


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