Sunday, August 2, 2009

Landspeeder Storm part II

Hey all,
did a bit more molding of the scouts for the Landspeeder Storm and thought I would post em... no more on these til they are painted up though.
Here we go..

first off i took the 'Co-pilot' and magnetized his bolter hand, the bolter itself and the storm so the he could be shooting the melta whilst flying and have his trusty bolter in easy grasp for disembarking

then easily attach the bolter when his in on his base...

There were two other guys that were buggin me, the first was the guy with his foot on the tool box, i tried making a green stuff sand bag wall at first, but didn't really like his pose still, so cut his leg apart and his left arm... everything is fresh so don't worry green stuff will be sanded and fixed up before I prime anything ;)

he still looks a little bit like a zombie too me so might play around a bit more before I am satisfied...

Next up was the guy sitting on the tool box. i really like this conversion and he still fits nicely in the storm..
first photo is a front view. I cut his right hand a bit, then cut a clip outta a bolter and attached it to this hand. Then glued the bolter without the clip on the base in front of him. I got rid of his left arm all together and replaced with a assault marine arm with bolt pistol.

i also ended up having to cut the base itself to fit his new pose, here is a side pose

still need some sanding and probably a bit more gap filling to make this one look better but i am 110% happier with this pose rather than early one of him sitting on a tool box with a bolter pointing upwards towards what enemy????
alright no more on this til they are primed and painted (which may still take a while!)