Monday, February 28, 2011

Seattle Wargamming 40k Tournament...

Hey all,
So a brand new store just opened up in Seattle proper and they held there first 2000 point 40k singles tournament yesterday... I was still riding a slight high from recently co-winning a team tournament held at a GW store up north, my MVP's of that army list were a Terminator Librarian attached to a 7x Assault Terminator squad... so I decided, why not take two of em... two is always better than one right??? and its not really Landraider/Assault Terminator spam if your only running two of em right?? ;) anyways feeling pretty beat so gonna cut right to the chase.. I ended up winning all 3 games, no tabling by any means.. just good sound tactical decisions based on really paying attention to the missions (which were straight outta the book, so nothing fancy) again, anyways...

Here is a photo of my army

And here is a copy of the list i ran..

Librarian in Terminator Armor with Storm Shield
Force Weapon; Might of the ancients; Null Zone

7x Assault Terminators
4x Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields; 3x Lightning Claws

Landraider Crusader
Multi-Melta; Extra Armor

Librarian in Terminator Armor with Storm Shield
Force Weapon; Might of the ancients; Null Zone

7x Assault Terminators
4x Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields; 3x Lightning Claws

Landraider Crusader
Multi-Melta; Extra Armor

10x Tactical Squad
Plasma Gun; Melta Gun; Powerfist

10x Tactical Squad
Missile Launcher; Melta Gun; Powerfist

5x Assault Marines
Plasma Pistol; Power Weapon; Melta Bombs

and here is what happened..
Game 1 against a pure Thousand Sons List... Mission: Kill Points
(co-blog author Scott.. you would have been proud of this guy!)
He had 3 tactical squads in rhinos, 2 Daemon Princes, Lascannon Predator, a couple dreads, and a small daemon squad.
I parked my tactical squads in their rhino's hull down and just shot out the hatch pretty much the whole game... i don't think they did a thing either, well except for one of them dying that is ;)
Terminators were the MVP's and brought down 7 kill points while he was able to get 3 outta me.. Game 1, win 1-0

Game 2 against a pure Nurgle Daemon Army..
He had lots of nurglings, the great unclean one and lots of other nasty big buggers...
This game was table quarters with 1 objective in each players quarter...
To play safe.. i held everything in a tight ball around my objective and just waited for him come to me.. in the end it was a good tactic as his was only able to pretty much send a unit at a time to come after my objective and each time i was able to destroy said units with my terminators... i was able to do a last minute contesting of his objective with one of my landraiders too.. (sorry but no action pictures this round as it was tense.. but here are a couple photo's of his army)
Game 2, win 2-0

Game 3.. i was slightly worried as i saw earlier that i was either going to be going up against a mech Blood Angels army (which i felt like i probably would have done horribly against) or a foot slogging Space Wolves list (which i felt more confident about doing good agains)... luck of the draw pit against the latter and i was excited to see this through... This mission was 5 objective markers and pitched battle.
He had 3 blood claw units.. 2 missile launcher long fangs.. some jump pack wolves (not sure their name) and a couple multimelta landspeeders..
from the go, i decided to split my army in half and hope that he would do the same so it would be easier to piece meal him... by the second turn i was able to park on landraider on an objective with a back up tactical squad behind.. on another objective i did the opposite... it was a good choice too as the first LR was easily within assault range of one the markers on his side of the board and it was just enough of a deterrent to keep two of his squads away from those objectives til the 5th turn.. good tactic as i was able to do a last minute push and tie up those units in combat, contesting it, while bring my own tactical squad up and claiming mine.. while on the other side of the board i was able to piece meal his units and claim another objective.... Game 3, WIN 3-0...
The blood angles were still playing after we finished and i knew that if she was to win, i would probably take second as i knew she had way more kill points than me in the first game.. luckily (for me that is) she was only able to pull out a draw... so i won the tournament with the lovely 'Best General' title and a $50 gift card!!!

I have to say, all three people i played against were awesome player and over the event was one of the funner tournaments i've played in... So excited about this new store opening up as its really close to home and ran by two really great people and players!!!
Next weekend is the TSHFT tournament which should have over 50 players and runs over 2 days.. going to bring this list again and depending on how it goes.. write up another article!
Cheers and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Green Stuff Crimson Fist Terminator Shoulder Pad Mold

Hey all, so a couple years ago at the adepticon bitz trading night i picked up a super sweet deal on 15 Forgeworld Terminator shoulder pad upgrades. Was so excited to upgrade all the excess amounts of old metal (shooty) terminators i had stored away for just such an occasion.. well i was gravely disappointed that first time a broke one out and noticed that the FW upgrades were meant only for the newer style terminators, so with a sigh, i put em back in their coffin and forgot about em until recently... I've been experimenting with making AdMech green stuff stamps lately (with some good success and some miserable failures) and noticed the upgrades just sitting in their bag and thought i would give a go at making a decent green stuff mold.. it really only took 2 tries to get this one to work, which totally surprised me as i'd try to do Mechanicus shoulder pad molds and found it pretty difficult to work with a curved surface... Anyhow, you'll have to forgive me for the slight blurriness of the photos as it was hard to just focus on such small pieces..
First photo is just the FW shoulder pad..

i had to kinda ruin this one to get a nice full circle around the fist as there were purity seals molded into it, but nothing a sharp x-acto didn't take care of...
I then mixed up my green stuff, rolled it into a ball big enough to cover the fist, then dampened the ball and pressed it slightly against a small piece of glass. This makes for a nice clean surface (getting rid of finger prints and folds) for pressing against whatever you are trying to mold. I then applied liberal amounts of saliva to the pad and carefully wrapped the whole thing in green stuff... making sure to press evenly and solidly around it...

I then let this set up for bout 1/2 hour and very very carefully pealed it away taking care not to change the curvature of the shoulder pad.. I then let this piece dry over night. The next day i added a bit more green stuff to the back to make a handle of sorts.

and let that dry again for another day. Now i was ready to give it ago with one of the older plastic shooty terminator arms.. You have to applied lots of saliva to the new mold (or other lubricants) when doing this next part as the green stuff really likes to try and stick into all those small nooks and crevices. So i ball up a small bit of green stuff and put it directly on the arm itself, then slowly (yet firmly) press the mold onto the arm, making sure to press hard enough to squeeze out the excess green stuff and on my first go i got this one!

and finally here is the painted up test arm, will definitely add some purity seals and some other bling with doing this on the rest of my old terminators..

I do recommend patience when trying to make molds with green stuff as i had many many failures when first starting out..
ps, i recently heard about this stuff and am excited to give it ago!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

AdMech Manticore Rocket Launcher

Hey All..
So last week, my one and only 40k Seattle buddy (Nakoa) invited me to be a teammate for a local 40k team tournament. I jumped at the opportunity as i do not get to play much at all these days.. The tournament was 2000 points per team with a required HQ and 2 troop choices per player. I've been playing my Crimson Fist's for tournaments now for a couple years, so pretty used to em now and decided to play em here as he brought space wolves. The one exception is I ran a Terminator Librarian with Null Zone and Might Of The Ancients and I have to say, he was by far the MVP of the event for me and Null Zone is the reason why. That is such a awesome power, especially with everyones invulnerable saves these days. Here is a brief run down of the games...
Game 1 versus Dark Eldar and Eldar alliance..
So many skimmers with so many invulnerable saves... good thing the librarian was around to make our opponents fail most ever reroll... we can so close to tabling these guys our spirits were up.. there were 3 objectives and we controlled 2. Win on our end, it was decided at the beginning of the tournament that in case of a tie, the winners would be decided by victory points. so we got close to the full 2000 that game. 1-0
Game 2 versus Mechanicus Space Marine Army
We came into this game a little bit cocky i think. They had 6 dreads, a couple master of the forges, a thunderfire cannon and lots of sniper scouts.. we had quite a bit of long range lascannons, so we decided to make them come to us and whittle them down as they came.. problem was, we couldn't hit a dread as if our lives depended on it... I had 7 Assault Termies (with the Librarian too and 4 Thunder Hammers) that easily took out there termies and landraider then went after one of the dreads.. f'in thing tied up the whole unit for the rest of the game.. neither of us could hit or wound it was insane.. but their dreads just kept coming and got into our lines and wrecked much havoc... This game was straight kill points and they beat us fair and square.. we did manage a fair amount of victory points by the end.. so even though we lost, we still felt we had a good chance of placing in the top 3. 1-1
Game 3 versus necrons..
I haven't played against necrons in quite some time and these guys brought a couple crazy expensive characters and 2 monoliths and the bare bones amount of warriors.. so right off from the start, we decided to ignore everything as much as possible except for the warriors and try and get them to phase out... First turn, one of the guys marches one of his warrior squads within charge range of my terminators.. not sure why, but i said thanks, and wiped them off the board, my teammate was able to assault another warrior squad with some grey hunters and killed off quite a bit of another squad. next turn i was able to assault another warrior squad with a tactical squad and rolled amazing and killed a bunch too. he then used a monolith to teleport them away, except that where he placed them left them ready to be struck down by two packs of grey hunters and that was all we needed to phase them out.. it was over by turn 4... Their monoliths and crazy characters were not able to do a thing.. ouch.. we got full victory points and felt pretty confident we were gonna place 2nd or 1st depending on a game that was still in progress.. 2-1
As it turned out, we won the tournament by round 100 victory points!!! Whoop whoop! We each got a $50 gift card and this is what i bought with it..
My first AdMech Manticore...

Over all, was a great experience and i met a few more people that play 40k round here and this time exchanged numbers, so more games up in coming, hopefully with this damn guard army thats been in the works for so long now!

Friday, February 18, 2011

More Sentinels of Truth CSMs

I completed the other half of that Chaos Space marine unit that started last year. I call this particular faction of my Chaos Space Marine the Sentinels of Truth. They are a space marine chapter that has recently gone renegade.

Below is a picture of the complete unit.

I call this first squad "Bastion Squad" which is represented by the castles painted on their shoulder pads.

Also, the missile launcher has an eye painted on his armor signifying their alliance to Derg Corra Amnon and his war band, The Eye of Prophesy

I was happy to get back to power armor. I had forgotten how much fun it is to paint. I purposefully kept the color scheme simple so that I could paint them quickly.

In fact, I would have had them done a Long time ago had I not gotten distracted by skaven. I spent almost all of my hobby time in January gluing nearly 100 skaven models together.

So while Nick is in the lead in the painting race for now, I have a tide waiting to unleash. (Insert evil laugh).

My next project has already driven me to the edge of madness (no, not the Skaven). More on that soon, but here's a hint: It's big, metal, and has wings.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trudging Along

I thought I'd be making this post over 2 weeks ago. Hot on the heels of my last batch of five Marienburgers, I pressed myself hard and cranked out four more. Then I got caught up with other things and had the fifth guy to complete the row stuck on my desk ever since. Today I finally had an hour free to finish him up and get some photos taken. So at this point this Spearman unit is at 10 models. The immediate plan is to get the unit to 15 Spearmen models and then 5 Free Company as a detachment. The front rank of Spearmen is on deck for completion as are the Free Company.
As of late I have had models on the brain. When I have free time I'm pouring through my old pile of White Dwarf magazines, old army books, or reading blogs like Dave Taylor Miniatures, Fort Buyaki, and Brian Carlson's Miniatures Workbench among others. I'm very excited to paint, convert, and get models on the table. It also fuels my project ADD like I'm on speed and I am finding it even harder to focus. Tomb Kings got announced as coming in May, I was looking through an old White Dwarf from the release of the last VC book and it has me jonesing to paint Spirit Hosts just because I love their look, and then I've been looking at a lot of Apocalypse articles. This leads me to a question for you all. You see way back when I bought a plastic Baneblade that was originally meant to get a red paint job to go with my Redemptors of Golinar. But the only army I have far enough along to actually warrant an Apocalypse piece would be the Angels of Absolution. I've seen other people put Baneblades with their marines so it isn't a huge deal and converting the Baneblade to look a little more streamline and marine-like could be good fun. Below is an ancient John Blanche drawing of the Dark Angels in massed battle. In their midst is an unusual tank with a Demolisher Cannon on the front, and an unknown turret on top. So the question I ask all of you is, what Baneblade/Stormlord variant do you feel it is most like. I'm going with Hellhammer. But maybe there is something in the Forgeworld range that I'm missing. Any thoughts?
Status update for Nick:
Points: 14
Models Painted: 10 Infantry, 1 Tank
Models Purchased in 2011: 1 (Steam Tank)

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Walking D(r)ead....

Just tidying some things up...

just built this one from a bitz buy i bought on ebay.. lots of missing stuff and lots of green stuff and it wasn't very fun :(

just added Forgeworld arms and claws to this veteran

next two are oldies but goodies

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crimson Fist Assault Marines

Bored and in need of a new painting project.. had these guys pinned together for ages just sitting in a box, so thought i'd put em on the ol' desk and have a go at them.. still some touching up to do and some details that may get added later, but table top ready and that is really all im going for these days....

here are a couple photo's of my repainted 'Blue' Librarian..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Daemonic Invasion!

This past Monday, Nick and I had our first game of 2011. It is also the first time that we have both fielded fully-painted armies against each other! It must have been a sign because Chicago was promptly destroyed in a blizzard the next day (Sorry for that everyone).

Anyway, I had been bragging for weeks that I had finally completed 1500 painted points. However, on the day of the game, I wrote a list that only came to 1350. Oops. I guess I better paint more daemons.

We were both itching to try something out of the battle missions book, so we did a random roll and ended up with the daemon mission "Invasion". In that mission, a warp rift is placed in the center of the table and four objectives are placed equidistant from it.

For the warp rift, Nick broke out this bad boy:

Yeah! Virgin vortex grenade marker!

It was an interesting game. Nick kept everything in reserve which meant that I had two turn to get most of my units in place over the objectives. Unfortunately, that took away the element of surprise that is usually inherent with Daemonic assault. Nick did a very good job of isolating my units and tearing them apart.

I did a fair amount of tearing myself, but the game ended in a draw.

I have to apologize, I didn't get many pictures of Nick's army in action. They looked great, trust me.

Here are some horrors holding down an objective. I usually call these things Space Marine Roombas, but for this game, they were portable Geller field projectors.

The Angels of absolution making a spearhead.

These daemonettes did nothing but hold down this far-flung objective the whole game.

Khorne daemons and Slaanesh daemons working together. Truly a thing of beauty.

Chaplain Vitus banishing the daemon prince. Don't worry, he'll be back...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crimson Fist Terminator Librarian..

Hey all, have another tournament coming up next week (team this time) and decided to paint up a Librarian for it, so with out further ado...

here's the thing though... i magnetized the book and somehow lost it in between taking the photos and coming back in :(
after giving up searching it finally just appeared on my steps!!!!