Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tourney result and Attendance

Well, there was some bad and some great today. The bad is that I did not do well in the tourney. I used the army I posted, mostly because I am stubborn and liked the idea of it. The great was that there was so many people at the tourney (16) that Dan had to squeeze in another table and there was still 4 people with byes each round. Why is that great you might ask? Because, with the recent economy and the trends of gaming here in Buffalo, I worry for my local gaming store and the fate of local 40k.

I was glad to see so many people and I got to play 2 new players that I never met before. Both were surprisingly named Dan. Not only that, both played Chaos. One played Deamons and one played marines. Both beat me. Then I was randomly selected for a bye the last round. I took pictures and notes of my 2 games and will update that tomorrow.

The questions for the readers is....

How are your local gaming stores doing? how about attendance for gaming nights and tourneys?

And as a challenge to the others on this blog, come on post! I've done 4 of the last 5 posts. Let's get this thing going!!!!!!


xNickBaranx said...

Personally, I've never been to a single independent gaming store here in Chicago. With having 3 gaming tables and a steady gaming group, I haven't felt the need to branch out. I've played at the Battle Bunker 2 or 3 times, but not even in the last year I don't think.

I think the economy has little effect on certain forms of entertainment. Though we are inclined to cut back on a lot of things, escapism is not generally one of them.

Next update from me will be after my folks visit this week. Everything is cleaned up and put away, haha. Sorry sir.

Wienas said...

Our local store has been busier than ever. Between a rise in the popularity of board games, and more people playing 40K than ever, Sundays are packed with people waiting in line to play.

There's a tournament in a couple of weeks here in Indianapolis, and we have 27 registered players so far, which is more than we've ever had at a local tourney (usually around 20).

With the slowing economy, I think people are looking for more value in their entertainment, and you can find a lot of value in gaming, as opposed to the $40 you would spend to see a movie for a couple of hours.

Scott said...

Hey! I just had a baby for christ's sake! I'll post soon.

I'm with Nick, I don't really have a home game store. I hit Black Sun Games to get stuff, but have never played there. They seem to be doing pretty well.

Honestly, I swore off playing strangers a long time ago (ie pick up games in a store) . I much prefer to play against people I know and that have the same view of gaming that I do.

LordNurgle said...

good point, wienas. maybe people are looking to their armies more since they have already bought them compared to new entertainment which costs money. That would be great if we are in a new golden age of interest because of the economy. I saw one friend that gamed and has not been seen in 2 years showed up to watch with a friend he got back into the hobby. Maybe now is the time to start the nerd night/2nd city Buffalo chapter with vigor.

Living in Buffalo, many have said we have been in a reccesion for 20 years so a bad economy is good for us. especially when the Canadian dollar does good. Maybe the same for GW. This is a great time to get back in. with the new Imp Guard, Space Marines and planetstrike/terrain things are so exciting.

Scott, I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of said baby. Congrats by the way. I can't wait until it is my turn to have a few.

xNickBaranx said...

A few Nurglings? I don't know if the world is ready for that. haha.

And 20 year recesion? Buffalo has been on the backslide since the 50's.

You're a history major - go buy CITY ON THE LAKE by Mark Goldman. Great book on the history of Buffalo and its decline.

And now is a great time for you to try and build a gaming group in Buffalo. It requires determination, a stable location, a positive attitude, and some cool scenery but its possible. Figure out who you like and get them to your house to play. Danny, Bonnett, Mosler, it doesn't matter. Just get people on lock down.

Pedro Kantor said...

we just got our roof redone so my attic room is still covered so no gaming / painting/ modeling posts from me for at least another week... sorry

Scott said...

This is a disgrace. A Chicago-based blog and the most active blogger is from NY. I need to do something....

xNickBaranx said...

Scott, we're artists, not wordsmiths nor tacticians. Don't let Nurgle drag you down.

Tony Emiliani said...

So you're looking for gaming in the Buffalo area? We game over at the HobbyTown on Sheridan. Friday nights at 4/5ish starts 40k, unfortunately you have to get there kind of early to actually get a game in, as they are only open to like 8 or 9, and there are usually 10-18 people that show up. Sunday we play Fantasy there from like 11/12-5. We actually just started a Mordheim league.

I'm actually going to be out at Jester's this coming Monday as I have a game set up with a friend of mine. If you happen to be there, say hello. My name is Tony, and I'll have an IG army with 3 valks and just in case there are more than 1 person with 3 valks, I have a 3ft stainless steel case.


P.S. I don't check my blog much, if at all. So if you want to get a hold of me:

Anonymous said...

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