Tuesday, January 31, 2012

(Last) Storm of Vengeance squads complete..

Whoa.. really been a while and definitely a slow start to 2012. 2011 saw us up to 53 posts (almost but obviously not 1 a week). We had talked about doing something special for our 50th post, but it came and went without all the glory we'd discussed... maybe this year! I've got two more squads done for the Storm Of Vengeance campaign at adepticon this year. First up is Ravenwing Squad 7 (its actually '6' in the book, but i'd already painted 7, so kept it, and the squad is actually only 1 landspeeder). The landspeeder is piloted by Brother Methaniel and is noted in the PoK chapter, Tales of Boreas (Battle at Barrak Gorge)

Next up is 4th tactical squad (painted as 6th here) lead by Brother Sergeant Lemael, noted in the chapter Tales of Boreas, Dark Cathedral.

and thats it as far as models i am going to build for this campaign. This brings me up to 1175 points exactly. Need to figure 2 other lists for a Combat Patrol and a Killzone tournaments i signed up for, will most likely just be re-using these SoV models, since i will be flying out and will probably be shipping this guys ahead of time.
Thats it for now folks! hopefully our campaign leader, Nick will be posting some SoV progress soon... ;)