Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crimson Fists Mechanicus Sternguard...

Hey all, well my work recently bought me a new Nokia N8 phone with a 12 Megapixal camera (with macro!!!!) So will finally be able to post decent pictures again... Starting with this blog. I recently posted a 2000pt list for an upcoming tournament where i will be using a Master of the Forge and a Thunderfire Cannon in my Crimson Fists army... I have tons of Bionic bits left over from (MaxMini) from my Guard Mechanicus Army, so I was like, I think it would be cool to try and add a bit more AdMech bits to my fists army. I mean after the all the destruction on Rynn's World, the fists numbers have been reduced... so my thoughts with are this.. Most (if not all?) Chapters send Marines to Mars to be trained as tech priest.. so Pedro sent out a call for all these guys to come back home asap. Agree???
Anyways, I have to say, my only minor complaint with the MaxMini Boinic Bits are there are only 1 set of legs and 1 set of arms and while they are completely awesome, i decided it would make it kinda tough to make a whole 10 man tactical squad look slightly dynamic without tons of cutting em up and pinning/green stuffing them back together.. looking at my list, i have a 6 man Sternguard squad, so decided to just try a go at them first. So without further ado, here is are my conversions...
First up, a group shot of the six

now just close up's of the six...

(this ones a bit blurry but eh...)

and on that note.. that is my last project of 2010... looking forward to finishing up my AdMech Guard Army next year for sure!!!
Happy New Year All!!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Horrors... The Horrors...

I finished this unit of pink/ blue horrors.

I have to say, these new plastic horrors are a joy to paint. I wasn't crazy about them when they were first released, but painting them has won me over. I mean, look at this face:

Anyway, I like them more now that I've painted them. They're certainly not perfect and there are things I like about the last edition ones better (I'll cover more on this in a future post).

This unit is actually a mix of old and new horrors.

First here are more pictures of the new plastic horrors.

I really like painting jewels.

Icon bearer.


While I do like these new models, I own quite a few of the old metal ones. I really didn't want let them go to waste. Since they're so much smaller, I decided to paint them as blue horrors.

With each of these blue horrors, I painted one set of arms and half the their bodies pink. I wanted to show that each of these blue horrors used to be half a pink horror. So two of the horrors are pink on their right and two are pink on their left.

Besides the size, one of the differences with the new horrors is that they have a lot of "bling". I sculpted a little be of jewelery on to two of them.

Here is one more group shot.

This is a pretty important milestone. I now have painted as many miniatures as I did last year: 32 (Though I have 37 points in the painting race due to the way it's scored). I was really hoping to beat my total from last year, but that's looking less and less likely.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Master of the Forge with Conversion Beamer on Bike

So here is my Master of the Forge with a Conversion Beamer on a bike for the up coming Conquest NW Tournament... pretty happy with the conversions here.. the bike is a RT/2nd Edition Marine Jet bike that was carrying a Chaplain... The conversion beamer is a piece of the Imperial Bastian

Holidays are coming and i am going to buy myself a real camera, so next set of photo's will be nice I promise...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Conquest NW....

Hey all... been pretty quiet here lately.... whats going on guys??? Personally, i've been all over the place and haven't had alot of time to do much of anything hobby related. Still chugging away at my AdMech Guard and I know scott has some newly painted daemons coming up soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime... thought i would post my list for the upcoming Conquest NW 2000 point 40k tournament and try and get some comments/thoughts/suggestions. Planning on adding 2 units i haven't used at all, and hoping to actually find someone to game with so i can test em out... Here we go,

Master Of The Forge
Conversion Beamer, Bike

Pedro Kantor
Honor Guard x5
3x Relic Blades, RazorBack (Heavy Bolter)

Tactical Squad x10
PowerFist, MeltaGun, Missile Launcher, Rhino

Tactical Squad x10
PowerFist, MeltaGun, Missile Launcher, Rhino

Assault Terminators x5
x3 ThunderHammer/StormShield
LandRaider Crusader MultiMelta

SternGuard x6
x3 CombiMelta, Powerfist, RazorBack (Heavy Bolter)

Thunderfire Cannon

Devastator Squad x5
x3 Missile Launcher

The two units i haven't played are the Master of the Forge (MotF) and the Thunderfire Cannon.. My plan is to keep the MotF out of way and as far away (>48 inches if possible) from everything and try and pound away with those Strength 10 Blast shots from the beamer. Probably put the Cannon in some cover and do the same. Also not sure if i should ditch the Dev squad and add another Termie and maybe a sternguard or two... Also, Pedro with the honor guard is a great hard hitting unit that alot of people seem to ignore as i usually keep them back any let them support any troops that get in trouble.... Thoughts?