Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Adepticon Coverage

Unlike most attendees to Adepticon, I tend to not take a lot of pictures of armies. I realize that their are a lot of people out there doing that who are doing a much better job of it (For example).

I tend to take picture of friends I don't to get to see as much as I like. For example, my buddy General Baggy in the picture above.

Here I am discussing gaming with Aaron (of Xenite's Little Green Monsters) and Felix (of Pokeminiatures).

Here Dave (Rabid Bat Studio and Gorgon Miniatures) watches over the Vox Populi board.

Our very own Matt Weeks creates order out of chaos.

Here the 2nd City Team (Eric Brose and Nick Baran)prepares for war in Saturday's team tournament.

I did take a few pictures of miniatures, like the ones below.

I was impressed at how many Fortresses of Redemption this particular group of tables had.

I also had the opportunity to play on Matt's famous Epic table with Anton's massive imperial guard army (I got to control three titans!)

I also took my son, Max with me this year. Unfortunately, he was deemed a heretic and captured by this sister of battle. Although, she's not a very good sister of battle if she thinks he's the heretical one.

Over all, this was one of the best Adepticons I've been a part of. I think this has to do with the fact that I volunteered this year. It's so much more rewarding to actually help make the convention the great time it was.

As is typical of the days after Adepticon, I'm already thinking about next year.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My One Adepticon Accomplishment

This year we at 2nd City Warzone attempted to go as simplistic as possible for the 2010 40K Team Tournament. We elected to use Buffalo, NY Battle-Brother Mike Nogle's Blood Angels' 5th Company as our tournament force. His force was already largely painted and based in a cohesive scheme - though there were a few models that needed to be put together last minute. About 3 weeks ahead of time I got a package in the mail from Buffalo that included the full force I would be playing with along with this unpainted Furioso Dreadnought conversion:
This gave me what would seem like plenty of time to get this model done. However, at the zero hour the tactical markings still weren't done. In the two days since Adepticon 2010 I finally completed the tactical markings. So that you know, the model was actually primed with Skull White Primer, and then coated again with Blood Angels Red Spray - now long out of print. The metal bits of the legs were coated with Boltgun Metal Spray - also out of print. The sharpest highlights were done with Bronzed Flesh in order to slightly mute the orange factor slightly. I think it worked out really well.
5th Company Marking.
Blood Angels Chapter Insignia.
Enoch. First Dreadnought of the Fifth Company - Former Tactical Trooper before interment.

Oh yeah - and this should net me 4 more points in the Painting Race with Scott. Too bad he doesn'd get to stay in my display case. haha.

Adepticon Photostream

Hey all,
This years Adepticon was by far the funnest I've been too (this was year 4). Even though most of my results were Mediocre at best, the opponents I face were some of friendliest I've ever played against. Still recovering from a fuzzy head (from too many dice rolls and bourbon!) and not nearly enough sleep! Will try and get together a summary soon, but in the mean time, here is photostream of some of the armies I faced

Flicr Photo set

ps some of the photos are pretty damn blurry and for that I apologize!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today is officially adepticon post day

So here are my Combat Patrol and Championship Armies..
First off my CP list.

Troops: Scout Squad #1
4 Scout Squad Bolt Pistol x4; Combat Blade x4
1 Sergeant Bolt Pistol; Power Fist

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Storm #1
1 Land Speeder Storm Multi-Melta

Troops: Scout Squad #2
4 Scout Squad Bolt Pistol x4; Combat Blade x4
1 Sergeant Bolt Pistol; Power Weapon

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Storm #2
1 Land Speeder Storm Heavy Flamer

Troops: Scout Squad #3
4 Scout Squad Bolt Pistol x4; Sniper Rifle x3; Missile Launcher
1 Sergeant Bolt Pistol; Sniper Rifle

Thoughts are... Squad 1 are my disposable, in your face first turn hopefully taking out a vehicle or 2 with Powerfist/Melta combo (with scout move). Squad #3, hide in cover, lay down suppressive fire, hustle if necessary to last minute objective grab/contest. Squad #2 is reactionary with flamer and Powersword, staying in the back for last minute objective grab/contest.

And here they are...

ps as you may have seen in my previous posts... the landspeeder storm scouts are all completely magnetized so they can hop in and out of the speeders at will.

Championship 1850 List

HQ: Chapter Master Pedro Kantor Iron Halo; Power Armour; Dorn's Arrow; Power Fist

Elite: Terminator Assault Squad
6 Terminator Assault Squad Lightning Claws (pair) x3; Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield x3;
1 Sergeant Lightning Claws (pair) x1

1 Land Raider Crusader
Multi-Melta; Hurricane Bolter x2; Twin Linked Assault Cannon

Elite: Sternguard Veteran Squad
5 Sternguard Veteran Squad Bolter x5
1 Sergeant Bolter; Power Fist
1 Razorback Twin Linked Heavy Bolter

Elite: Sternguard Veteran Squad
5 Sternguard Veteran Squad Bolter x5
1 Sergeant Combi-Meltagun; Power Fist
1 Razorback Twin Linked Heavy Bolter

Troops: Tactical Squad
9 Tactical Squad Bolter x7; Meltagun; Lascannon
1 Sergeant Bolter; Power Fist
1 Rhino Storm Bolter

Troops: Tactical Squad
9 Tactical Squad Bolt Bolter x7; Meltagun; Lascannon
1 Sergeant Bolter; Power Fist
1 Rhino Storm Bolter

Heavy Support: Predator
1 Predator Twin Linked Lascannon; Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Heavy Support: Predator
1 Predator Twin Linked Lascannon; Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Thoughts are... Pedro and Termies are in your face, with Sternguard/Razorback there to provide support. Both tactical squads stay back in rhinos firing lascannon shots and provide cover for predators (which also just sit back and fire preferably hull down). towards the end of the game, tactical squads move towards objectives. If the mission is annihilation, everyone stays together and makes the enemy come to me!

and here they are...

less than 2 days and still need to paint 5 death company for the team tournie and build display boards for (which I am off to do now).

The Darkside of AdeptiCon

On top of planning AdeptiCon, starting a new job this year, expecting a child this summer, and trying to get a fledgling game company off the ground - I also decided it would be a good idea to demo a skirmish game I have been working on at AdeptiCon. This is a brief introduction to the game written by Dave Pauwels:
Vox Populi takes place in the sprawling city of Republic Rome. The year is 44 BC and Rome has become a tumultuous place. Different factions within the Roman government vie for control of the masses. On one side, Caesar uses his popularity, won on the battlefields of Gaul, to manipulate public opinion. On the other side, the Senate, fearful of Caesar’s growing popularity, attempts to block his every move.

But the Palantine Hill isn’t the only battleground. In the cobblestone streets of the Subura, Rome’s poorer district, different interests are at work. Slave-traders and criminal networks recruit from Rome’s poor, while slave revolts become almost daily events. Rabble-rousing politicians find themselves at odds with unscrupulous merchants. Every corner of Rome’s slums becomes a potential battlefield.

This is the setting for Vox Populi, a city on the brink of tearing itself apart. Even now, rumors of Caesar crossing the Rubicon spread like wildfire throughout the city. It is a desperate time and everyone is forced, finally, to choose a side…
The original plan was to set a reasonable deadline and force me to get everything in order and ready for playtesting. I soon found that this added burden was both a curse and a blessing. As AdeptiCon planning and preparation reached breakneck pace, I suddenly found myself needing to finish writing playtest rules, build/paint two factions and build a table. I can speak from experience...Rome was not built in a day.

While this perhaps was a bit much, in the end I accomplished everything I was hoping to. We are now a mere 36 hours away from the start of a massive wargaming weekend and I am very eager to see this game in action and hear some feedback from outside our small group of playtesters. Dave Pauwels was kind enough to paint up 13 or so Roman characters, slaves, plebs and the like. I haven't even seen them yet - but I am sure they are fantastic. I have one final roof section to complete this evening and the table will be complete. Here are a few WIP photos of the table:

After AdeptiCon, I hope to make some revisions to the rules, add some details to the table and prep the demo for some action at Little Wars. Vox Populi demos will be taking place Friday evening and Sunday afternoon in the the Specialist Games Hall (Lilac).

Scott's Short Road to Adepticon

This Friday I'll be heading to Adepticon. I don't have much planned besides working as a judge for the Team Tournament on Saturday. You'll see me walking around Saturday with a clipboard and (hopefully) a big sash that says "Judge".

Other than that, I have no other commitments. Ideally, I'll see a lot of people I don't get to see very often and do some hanging out.

I will definitely be at the Friday night Bits Swap. I've done the Saturday night Bits Swap several times, but from what I hear, the Friday night one blows it out of the water. This is the first time I'll be at Adepticon on a Friday night, so I am doing some prep work for the that. I've made a list of bits I'm seeking and their corresponding prices on BW Bits.

One has to be prepared for these things as to not get ripped off.

Also, a couple years back, I posted a picture of myself right before Adepticon and said something like, "this is what I look like, so say hi if you see me." It was more or less a joke, but people actually came up to me and said they recognized me.

So I figured, I'd do it again this year. Here's me in a Tauntaun sleeping bag (no, it's not mine). If you see me, say hello.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Preparing For Adpeticon 1

Hey all,
So been working on getting my Combat Patrol and Championship lists ready for this years adepticon. Will be playing my Crimson Fists for both and am totally not ready!!! but I woke up late this morning and decided since im late i might as well make being late worth while. So finished up the highlights my first Drop Pod. So without further ado....

will be posting more pictures as both lists progress... yes I know i have less than 2 weeks to finsih... don't remind me!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Put it on the Board! Deamonettes Done.

This unit is done. I will never paint 11 miniatures at the same time. I think 5-6 is the ideal number I can do at once. otherwise, I get bored.

Anyway, this unit is done. It's an 11 strong unit so that with the Herald it will have 12 models (2x Slaanesh's sacred number of 6)

I'm really happy with the icon as well.

What I'm not happy with is the fact that I'm still struggling with using this camera. I really just need to set aside to learn it top to bottom.

In other news, Like Nick, I have resurrected my old blog. I miss posting in-progress shots, so I'll be putting those up there along with whatever random crap that doesn't fit the polished image of 2nd City Warzone.

Nick: 4
Scott: 11

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Custom Desert Scenery is Going Up on EBay.

Today I started listed all of my desert table terrain onto EBay. Money is tight, I have bills to pay, and sacrifices have to be made. You can look at all of the pieces on my other blog, Redemptors of Golinar, or you can go right to my EBay Seller Page here. Thanks! -Nick