Monday, February 11, 2013

Being Incorporated Into Wreck-Age Art

I've been quietly working on terrain for the 40K Warzone Tournament at Adepticon and haven't been blogging as much as I would like, but don't worry - its coming along. 

That's not what I've come to discuss today, however. Over the weekend I got myself wrapped up in an unexpected side project. I had seen the art for the upcoming Stakers Box Set for Wreck-Age and thought it was awesome. Not just the models, but the whole box. The borders they used and the landscape they dropped the photo of the miniatures onto - it looks fantastic. I suggested to the guys at Hyacinth Games that they box up their resin Storage Containers into a box set at a slight savings and do the same thing with the art. Anton responded, "That's a good idea, except we need three painted crates then!" I had just inadvertently volunteered myself for a very busy weekend. 

After some discussion I arranged to pick up a couple of Storage Container models on Saturday and then I engaged in a marathon painting session that lasted 6 straight hours that night and then I put in another 2 hours on Sunday. I brushed on the finishing touches (mostly sponging and weathering powders) while two thirds of Hyacinth Games were sitting in my living room eating popcorn. As soon as they were done we grabbed my girlfriend's camera and Anton shot a half dozen or so photos that were slight variations of this:
The original crate in the center took me around 20 hours to paint. I did two knock off's to match in approximately 4 hours each. I haven't painted that fast since my GW Buffalo manager days.
Now where things got really exciting for me is that today Anton e-mailed me an image that one of their artists whipped up using the storage containers I painted. I think the consensus was the art was too elaborate for the box set, but they're probably going to use it in the rule book. It came out awesome, and seeing my painted models incorporated into their art is kind of thrilling, so I wanted to share it. Here's the digital art by Kostas using my storage containers. Pretty freakin' cool!:  
Digital artistry by Kostas. Crates by me. So stoked!
Also, while I'm rambling about Wreck-Age I want to hype their upcoming Stakers box set: 
Soon to be released Stakers Box Set for Wreck-Age.
I didn't paint any of those models but I think it looks great and I'm really excited to see Hyacinth Games making progress!

Finally, I want to mention that Hyacinth Games are going a promotion where if you buy a Wreck-Age model this month, paint it, and send them photographic evidence - they will send you a free model as a reward for your efforts. Pretty cool. You can get the full details on the Wreck-Age Forum.