Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Progress Comes Slowly...

A few weeks back I posted the Blood Angels dreadnought that I had roughly completed for Adepticon (actually a couple of days after.) Since Adepticon I returned to my painting table and really wanted to drop a bomb on Scott. I had a firm lead in our painting competition and he promptly smothered me with his 11 point Daemon unit. My Blood Angels' dread reduced that lead somewhat, but I really needed to make up some ground. Luckily I've been stockpiling!

Today I'm striking back hard by dropping 6 more points. I'm hitting back with 3 Angels of Absolution models - a Dreadnought, a Devastator Squad Sergeant, and a Counter.

Sergeant 0f the 9th Devastator Squad of the Fifth Company:
Side view to get a good shot of his squad marking.
Hidden Set-Up Counter #4
Eros of the Fifth Company, originally of the 5th Tactical Squad before interment. Still frequently acting in support of them as if he never left.

Close Up of the little bit of weathering I did on the legs.

Nick: 14
Scott: 11

But I already know Scott has 3 more points dropping any day now. Time to step it up.

Monday, April 19, 2010

More Crimson Fists...

Hey all. Its been a quite time on the blog since adepticon... haven't even gotten in a game yet (but hope to remedy that asap!) I've mainly been working on my new Mechanicus army and haven't really gotten anything photo ready, but i've just about finished my first squad, so soon. In the meantime though... the following pictures are from a couple of 95% complete projects that have also been on my plate for a while now. First up, six veteran marines... most likely will be played as Pedro's honor guard. Highlighting is a bit rough still and just primed the back packs this weekend, so still some work to go, but overall im pretty happy with em. I think they'll do very nicely inside a landraider with Pedro. actually will probably try and do up 4 more, just to make it a nice point sink...

Next up... a red scorpion forgeworld dread that i got last year at adepticon and (sadly) defiled it to make a Crimson Fists venerable dread. This one i'd say is about 99% done. Just need to touch up a couple highlights and i'll be pretty stoked on it. The one thing Im not really that excited about was, my attempt at a modified chainfist... i thought that it would look so cool to convert 4 chainswords (as claws) into a chainfist and perhaps with some better sculpting, it would look awesome.. but mine... eh mediocre at best.

Anyhow.. i've got grandiose plans for my up and coming mechanicus project... (ebay bids left and right) so stay tuned!

Friday, April 2, 2010

mechanicus skitarii

hey all...
well usually after adepticon i don't touch a paint brush for weeks, but some reason (probably all the amazing models and armies that were displayed there) i still have some inspiration. One of the 'themes' that has always intrigued me was the Mechanicus (even though i did not see any armies like this this year) Especially after reading Dark Mechanicus and Titanicus. After many a google search and seeing other peoples conversion ideas, one in particular caught my attention for the basic mechanicus troop (Skitarii). So without further ado... here is my first attempt at a conversion. Basically all it so far, is an older metal scout, with some green stuff added. Will probably add some guitar string wires that go out of the head and straight to the gun.. something like an advanced targeting array or something. but for now here are my first blurry pictures..

Please forgive the shoulder pad cog... it looks quite silly right now, but I am working on a greenstuff mold/stamp that i will be able to mass produce the shoulder pad cogs/skulls.
Anyhow, late for work once again, so its time for me to head out!
ps.. I have also have 8 Crimson Fist honor guard that are near completion, will be posting more blurry pictures soon!