Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Crimson Fists Assault Terminators...

Hey all, just finished up 11 more assault terminators and thought i'd share em with ya...
gearing up for 'ard boyz and this is what i think im gonna go with
Pedro attached to
10x TH/SS Termies on foot

librarian in terminator armor attached to
7x (4 TH/SS, 3 LC) Termies in a Landraider Crusader

8x (4 TH/SS, 4 LC) Termies in a Landraider Crusader

10x tactical melta, missile in a rhino

10x tactical melta, missile in a rhino

10x assault marines jumppacks plasma pistol powerweapon

might change a couple things around but not much
Any how.. here's the newest additions to this list.

group shot...

some closeups..

Thats it....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Chaplain in Terminator Armor (fail)...

This model looks way cooler in person.. for some reason the light is off in the these photos (IMO).. Anyways been quite here for a while, so thought i'd post something up...
Im currently working on 10 more Assault Terminators (photo's coming soon). Had some extra terminator bitz laying around, so thought i would try and build me a Chaplain.. I had a set of legs, the back part of the torso, the crozius arm, an extra storm shield, and a storm bolter arm... looking though my regular bitz box, i found a chest plate from Mark VIII armor and thought it would look alright as the front, just a little green stuff and some trimming and it actually doesn't look too bad...

for the life of me i still can not paint eye's... :(
the storm shield was for the right arm. so had to cut away the thumb and greens stuff a new on one after inverting and pinning it to a stormbolter arm (with the bolter cut off obviously). Also had to file away whatever was on there originally and then i gave a try at sculpting a skull.. eh.. not so hot, but looks ok from a distance... also add a fist's logo from my green stuff mold...

didn't have to do anything to the other arm

oh yea.. guess what.. Terminator Chaplains can not have storm shields.. damn it!!!! guess i should have read up a bit more before trying this one out.. oh well, the back of the shelf it shall go...
Thats it for today folks.. back to work!!!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Angels of Absolution Rhino

I've been working on finishing this Rhino for weeks now. It seemed like it would never end. I painted bits that never got attached (like a searchlight) and getting a nice thorough coat on every inch of it seemed to go on forever. I'm finally declaring it finished. The sad thing is, all the hours of labor were undone by going a little too heavy with the weathering and now I'm disappointed. I may end up going back and redoing the areas around the exhaust stacks. We'll see how I feel about it tomorrow. As of this moment I'm sick of looking at it so its going in the display case so I can move on.
I am now tied with last year's total painting output at 18 points. My updated stats should be 18 Points with 10 infantry and 2 tanks. Go me! -Nick