Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wreck-Age Barricades

Keeping it short and sweet today. I just painted up some of the limited edition Wreck-Age Barricades from the Adepticon Exclusive Starter Set. Here they are:



Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What is Wreck-Age?

I've mentioned Wreck-Age a bunch of times in the last several months. I compiled this video to help show what Anton and Matt have accomplished in the last 2 years and follows into what we intend to do in the coming year. However, this may not tell you exactly what Wreck-Age is, so over the last week we crafted this explanation:

Wreck-Age is a RPG and 28mm Miniature Skirmish Wargame set in a time after the collapse of human civilization. The greed of mankind had ravaged the planet nearly to the point of destruction. The wealthy and powerful fled to the stars and left the toxic remains to fester and die. Out of desperation those who remained devolved into preying upon each other. For Generations, humanity remained on the brink, but nature is the great equalizer. The Earth has showed signs of rebirth. This new era is known as the Resurgence, and this is where your community’s tale begins.

Wreck-Age uses this post-collapse environment combined with a flexible and dynamic rule set to fuse RPG and Miniature Skirmish Wargame play. While traditional war games put almost the entire focus on combat, we've sought to emphasize non-combat Skills and mechanics to give your characters options well beyond the scope of most miniature games. The high-tech wild-west meets post-apocalypse genre mash-up creates great depth for narrative play that will appeal to a host of gaming interests.

There are many different mindsets that communities might rally around post-collapse, but we’ve chosen to focus on four for now.

-The Stakers lay claim to a parcel of land and work it any way that they can. They build stable communities and try to bring a semblance of stability to a world that is anything but.

-The Drifters are descendants of the massive pre-Exodus prison population. Drifters live life on the move and take whatever is within their reach. They are a nomadic tribal people; post-collapse barbarians.

-The Reclaimers are looking for the answers to rebuild civilization in lost technology and old data. They actively seek out the debris of pre-Exodus society for analysis. They are the tech heads and neo-archeologists.

-The Stitchmen are a secret society of medical practitioners harvesting the organs of the young and healthy to revitalize their own failing bodies. They are cruel predators, caring only for their own self-centered longevity and survival.

You have the option of building your community based on one of four current factions or you may decide to remain unaffiliated. Rest assured that the background leaves room for the development of many more.

In Wreck-Age, survival is crucial and your wits can be your best friend. And sometimes the only reward for a job well done is living to see tomorrow.