Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chaos Space Marines

I just finished these five chaos space marines. The unit is eventually going to have 10 guys, but I can only stand to paint 5 at a time.

I really agonized for a long time about this paint job. I wanted something that was quick to paint. After trying several recipes, I settled on a base of Adeptus Battlegrey. The shading was Delvan Mud and Badab Black with some highlights of Codex Grey.

Now that I'm settled on a formula, I'm hoping to bang the rest of the unit out pretty quickly.

These Marine are from my chapter, The Sentinels of Truth. I want them to represent a chapter that has recently gone renegade which is why they're a mix of loyalist and Chaos parts.

They don't have a chapter badge. The shoulder pad that would have that is bare metal. They leave that left shoulder bare to represent their fallen status.

However, I did paint some symbols on them. I call this squad "Bastion squad" so I painted some castles on a couple of them. I also painted an eye on one of them to represent their alliance with my Thousand Sons force.

Expect more of these soon. Hopefully much faster.

In Other News...

A congratulations are in order to our very own Matt Weeks. Matt and his wife are now the proud parents of a beutiful baby girl. Edda Elanor Weeks born June 10th. Everyone is doing great.