Friday, January 28, 2011

Chimera 'Divinity'

One of the reasons Scott and I have continued to tally our painted models this year is that like many other hobbyists, we have countless unfinished projects laying around. I, in particular, have terrible project ADD. Currently I'm working on a Marienburg Empire army, as you saw in my last post, but after getting 8 models in I got sort of burnt out. So I rummaged through my drawer to find a "1 Day Distraction". In this case, I found an almost complete Imperial Guard Chimera for my Redemptors of Golinar army and decided it was going to be my minor distraction for a day (or in this case, 2 days). I completed the turret which was only partially painted and then went in and did some weathering which was a mix of washes, dry brushing, and sponging. Sponging was something brand new to me and I am happy with the results.
To update the tally:

Nick: 9

Scott: 0


Scott said...

Man, you are killin' it this month. Just wait, as soon as I get this skavne army built, the points will start flowing like a horde. A rolling, ravenous horde of points!

Nice chimera, btw. You are the king of red.

Scott said...

Skaven!, I meant Skaven!

Muskie said...

Not too shabby, especially if you painted it in a hurry.

xNickBaranx said...

Thanks Scott! And I am still plowing ahead - painting every day.

Muskie, just to clarify I'm slow as molasses. Though the technique I used for my Chimera is relatively fast for me, this tank was basically done when I dragged it out for completion except for the turret and weathering - and that still took me several short sessions over the course of 2 days.

Buyaki said...

Good Job Nick!

I've linked to your blog to encourage you more!

Dasanton said...

Wow, I really like the 2-tone mud you did... For your first foray into using a sponge, it came out really well. 9 models in the new year. That's not too shabby. I'm going to try to speed-paint my dark eldar once I get them assembled. I'm actually considering doing a necron army... got the bug (or in this case the robot) a few days ago for some odd reason, because I think I can get them done quickly probably. We'll see if that works out.