Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Necromunda, Confrontation Tech Gang, Adeptus Mechanicus

Hey All,
I recently saw some Necromunda, Confrontation Tech Gang, Adeptus Mechanicus models on ebay and was completely hooked and just had to buy them. I'd never seen these sculpts before and was really stoked on em, so I ended up bidding more than i normally would have for old metal models... and wasn't let down when i won and received em in the mail...
They were all missing arms (except for the powerfist guy) he originally had a storm bolter in his left hand.. switched that out for a bolt pistol as there aren't very many storm bolter options in the IG codex. I also added green stuff cowls to all the models and made the rest into a flamer squad.. maybe they will be used as a veteran squad...
Anyways, its an overcast day so the photo's are a little dark, tried a couple different positions, so forgive me for the duplicates, but i just couldn't choose which looked better.
Without further ado...
here is the sergeant(?)

and here are the flamer dudes (there are only 3 models)...

This pair of eyes are the first ones im actually stoked on.. thank brian C for the input last time!

Thats it for now... i recently broke down and bought some Chimera's from GW that should be here tomorrow, so that will most likely be my next project!
Until then!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

AdMech Vendetta Gunship

Hey all, been working on this one for quite a while. After looking at the photo, may change the paint scheme a little bit more before I call this one all good. But regardless, wanted to get this one out there as im pretty proud. This was also my second attempt at hand drawing the mechanicus symbol at this scale (my other attempt can be seen here, ya gotta scroll down abit to see the back of a Russ.. Definitely happier with this one. I would like to practice some other unique identifiers eventually (like adding numbers etc to make this one unique) but it scares the hell outta me that im gonna mess up, so i haven't done it yet... So without further ado, here ya go

First up, a top shot.

Next up, a look inside the cabin with the heavy bolters shooting away at xeno scum!

A nice side shot, showing the twin linked Lascannons from a Landraider sprue

The other side, notice the addition of another las next to the cockpit.

And lastly, here is a slightly closer look at the cockpit itself..

The one thing i may try and change, just to add a little more color change, is paint the tail flaps straight black, just to mix it up a little more.. But maybe not too ;)
Thats it for now folks, Enjoy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

AdMech Command Squad (Blight Wheel Minatures)

Hey all, I recently saw a new set of miniatures brought to you by Blight Wheel Miniatures. Thought they'd maybe make a nice addition to my AdMech Guard Army, so went ahead and bought a set. They are reasonably priced (for a smaller company) it was $29 for 5 resin models.. Overall, I love the sculpt's... I will say that (IMO) the arms and other accessories were way to fragile for a tabletop miniature... most parts broke fairly quick either by trying to carefully cut them off the sprue, or even by trying to glue them on the model... Fortunately, i have a ton of left over bionic bits from MaxMini, so decided to swap out a few of the arms since i think these bits are pretty cool. As always, my miniature are painted to what i feel are tabletop readiness and not alot of detail put into em. I do notice alot more flaws on the photo's, but eh im ok with that.
So without further ado.. here they are all painted up...
First up a group shot...

Here is the Company Commander.. wanted to give him a power weapon, but didn't have any in my bits box :( Sure i could use a count as in friendly games..

Here is my Vox-Caster... didn't turn out as good as my aspirations, but again, im ok with it.

The next 3 are my plasma dudes.. again, didn't have actual plasma guns, but tons of pistols in my bitz box, so thought i would double them up and make it a little more plausible as plasma gun count as..

Last guy is a bit blurry, but i think you get the gist...

Well, thats it for now, for those who have AdMech Armies, i would suggest you give these models a go, as overall i feel they are a nice addition to my army.