Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chaos Space Marines

I just finished these five chaos space marines. The unit is eventually going to have 10 guys, but I can only stand to paint 5 at a time.

I really agonized for a long time about this paint job. I wanted something that was quick to paint. After trying several recipes, I settled on a base of Adeptus Battlegrey. The shading was Delvan Mud and Badab Black with some highlights of Codex Grey.

Now that I'm settled on a formula, I'm hoping to bang the rest of the unit out pretty quickly.

These Marine are from my chapter, The Sentinels of Truth. I want them to represent a chapter that has recently gone renegade which is why they're a mix of loyalist and Chaos parts.

They don't have a chapter badge. The shoulder pad that would have that is bare metal. They leave that left shoulder bare to represent their fallen status.

However, I did paint some symbols on them. I call this squad "Bastion squad" so I painted some castles on a couple of them. I also painted an eye on one of them to represent their alliance with my Thousand Sons force.

Expect more of these soon. Hopefully much faster.

In Other News...

A congratulations are in order to our very own Matt Weeks. Matt and his wife are now the proud parents of a beutiful baby girl. Edda Elanor Weeks born June 10th. Everyone is doing great.



Pedro Kantor said...

Hey Scott! Awesome work... if i was to offer 1 suggestion... it would be to dab some more badad black in the recesses of those silver shoulder pads... i think it would give it a bit more depth similar to the rest of the model... Otherwise those are great looking models!!!

Scott said...

Good call. I haven't sealed them yet, so I can still do that.

Pedro Kantor said...

you should post one more photo of the marine with the horns.. looking at the photos again and it looks really impressive... i've got 2 full squads of veteran skitarii done and most of my psyker battle squad but i still dont have a camera.. bummer..

xNickBaranx said...

These are solid. I've been plotting your demise for days but can't find time to paint yet. I will crush you next week I guess. haha. Good stuff though sir!

Anonymous said...

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