Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Koth-Indola Highway - Cut and Run

"Orders are not interpreted, Naaman; they are followed. Remember that." -Ravenwing Sergeant Aquila
(taken from The Purging of Kadillus by Gav Thorpe)

The 2nd chapter of The Purging of Kadillus is The Tale of Naaman, Cut and Run. This chapter focuses on Scout Squad Naaman and Ravenwing Squad Aquila patroling the Koth-Indola highway looking for Ork squads lingering behind the main Ork force battling in Kadillus Harbor. Master Belial had given specific orders to patrol a set area but Naaman has a hunch that a much larger force of Orks has made planet fall somewhere further to the east than their orders permit them to investigate. Much of the chapter involves personality conflicts between Aquila and Naaman, but also highlights how the 2nd Company and 10th Company coordinate their actions within the Dark Angels.

The chapter has two main periods of action. A small skirmish at the beginning, and then a larger skirmish based on the Storm of Vengeance scenario - Cut and Run. The original forces are vastly different than those in the book so the Ork army lists are going to look a bit different if you never read the novel.

Army Lists

Veteran Sergeant Naaman with Stasis Grenade (Dark Angels) (65 points)
Scout Squad Naaman Scout Squad (up to 150 points)
Ravenwing Bike Squad Aquila (up to 235 points)
Total: 450 points

Nazdreg Urdgrub with Mega Armor, Kustom Force Field, Power Klaw with built in Scorcha, and Snazzgun with More Dakka, Shootier, and Blastas (Bad Moon Orks) (175 points)
Painboy Lurksnag with Flash Gitz Mob (up to 350 points)
Battlewagon (up to 175 points)
Total: 700 points.

Mekaniak Grodmek with Shoota (Orks) (45 points)
Ork Boyz Mob in Trukk (up to 140 points)
Ork Boyz Mob in Trukk (up to 140 points)
Kommando Mob (up to 125 points)
Total: 450 points

It should be noted that as I was putting together this list I could see Nazdreg's forces mounting in cost between the various scenarios. In an effort to reel them in I modified both this scenario and The Battle of Barrak Gorge to cap Nazdreg at 1000 points. More modifications may happen as I continue to sort out the army lists.

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