Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Battle of Barrak Gorge


"Count only the dead of the enemy and pay no heed to the fears that whisper. Every ork you kill is one less that will fall upon your homes and families. Share the rage of the Dark Angels and slay these loathsome creatures. Sanctorius via mortis majorus. Kill without relent and taste the sweetness of victory!" -Chaplain Boreas
(taken from The Purging of Kadillus by Gav Thorpe)

In The Purging of Kadillus the Battle of Barrak Gorge can be separated into two substantial engagements that feature a very small faction of Dark Angels Space Marines, roughly 200 Imperial Guardsmen, and approximately 500 Ork infantry supported by bikes and light vehicles. It is probably the most dramatic battle of the whole book. These forces will be represented by these armies.

Army Lists

Interrogator-Chaplain Boreas, Company Chaplain - Dark Angels Space Marines (125 points)
1 Assault Squad (up to 300 points)
1 Ravenwing Support Squad (up to 100 points)
Total: 525 points.

Colonel Grautz - Piscina Free Militia Imperial Guard
1 Command Squad
1-2 Infantry Platoons
The historical forces had no vehicular support and there is no mention of Special Weapons. Only Heavy Weapons Squads (all varieties) were present at Barrak Gorge.
Total: 1000 points.

Warlord Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub - Bad Moon Orks
(Mega Armor, Kustom Force Field, Power Klaw with built in Burna, and Snazzgun with More Dakka, Shootier, and Blastas) (175 points)
Painboy Lurksnag with Flash Gitz Mob (up to 350 points)
1 Goff Ork Ard Boyz Mob (up to 175 points)
Total: 700 points

Mekaniak Badmek - Orks (up to 85 points)
1 Gretchin Mob (up to 65 points)
1 Warbiker Squadron (up to 300 points)
1 Warbuggy Squadron (up to 150 points)
Total: 600 points

Mekaniak Grodmek with Shoota (45 points)
Ork Boyz Mob (up to 115 points)
Ork Boyz Mob (up to 115 points)
Kommando Mob (up to 125 points)
Total: 400 points

These are just sample army lists to show how the event is going to be roughly structured. I realize that I'm behind the ball on posting this information. More army lists coming soon.


Pedro Kantor said...

the IG better bring some commissars!!! ;)

Pedro Kantor said...

Nice work though nick, look forward to more lists!

xNickBaranx said...

They didn't have any commissars. In the story they flee in droves from Barrak Gorge. haha. In fact, Boreas ends up having to direct the Free Militia lieutenants because they are a bunch of bumbling newbs who are just as terrified as the troopers.

Unfortunately for you, this mission is stacked against you. Good luck my friend!

Joshman said...

So as the DA player, I will not be able to / have to bring any troops to this mission? I am only able to bring from the listed options, and have to keep it within the points? And thank you for getting this stuff posted.

xNickBaranx said...

Josh, this is just one mission specific to if you are controling Boreas, Grautz, Nazdreg, or Badmek. I'm not sure what character you chose but every character will have mission specific army lists much like the original campaign book but altered to be in line with the novel. More info soon.

An option will exist for people who didn't have time to prepare so specifically but the greatest rewards go to those who have.

Joshman said...

Thanks, I was just not sure how army building should be for this, as this is my first narrative event.