Monday, January 27, 2014

Zombicide Game Night at Next Dimension Games February 11th, 2014

On Tuesday February 11th I'll be running a Zombicide Game Night at Next Dimension Games using Guillotine Games Zombicide Gaming Night Kit #1: Cars, Food, or Guns.

On the 11th all you need to do is show up and play, no experience necessary (its a very simple game). The Zombicide Gaming Night Kit's come with exclusive miniatures and dice as prizes for you to try and earn. It'll be a fun night of gratuitous zombie killing and an easy introduction to a very cool game.

The scenarios run about an hour and a half (unless you go buck wild and get yourselves killed right away) so we'll shoot to start at 6PM so we can try and get two scenarios in.

Reserving a spot is not required but it would be helpful. If you can't get to the store at 6PM, let me know because I can arrange for you to join in late in the game if needed. We can accommodate 6 players in a single game. If more sign up we might have to track down another copy of the game.

If you're wondering what the exclusive miniature is, its Kyoko:

Head over to the Facebook Invite or to Chicago Wargamers and sign up.


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