Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blood Angel Tourney army

Well I have a tourney at the local gaming store this Saturday, 2,000 points. I have decided to take my Blood Angels for a last spin before I focus on my allied guard for my Inquisition (another post). I've decided on a quick elite assault force. here's the list

Chaplain Malachi -100
Corbulo - 100
8 Death company (4 bought) - 120
5 Lightning Claw Terminators - 200
5 "tactical" veterans, 3 combi melta's, 2 melta guns, Drop Pod - 200
6th Squad, 5th Company, Power Fist, 3 Plasma Pistols - 320
7th Squad, 5th Company, Power Fist, 3 Plasma Pistols- 320
Vindicator, Dozer Blade, Storm Bolter- 135
Land Raider -250
Land Raider Crusader, Storm Bolter - 255

Total 2,000 points, 44 models, 2-4 Scoring Units, 11-13 Kill Points

The Death Company and Chaplain are in the Land Raider. The Terminators and Corbulo are in the Crusader. The plan is that I deploy the 2 land raiders with the vindicator in between (getting rid of side armour shots). The assault squads will deploy behind cover or come in reserve/deep strike depending on terrain and scenario. The veterans will deep strike with the drop pod and destroy the nastiest vehicle/monster alive when they come in. In objective games, I press as much as possible and everything except the assault squads are expendable. Most practice games I am in close combat second turn. I feel that there is not enough guys, but it has won 80% of it's games, only losing on last minute mistakes I made.

Any comments?


xNickBaranx said...

I'm skeptical of this list. How do you deal with hordes? How do you protect your precious scoring units?

You only have 1 pie plate and no templates or blasts.

And I'm totally perplexed by the plasma pistol spam.

Your close combat potential is great and the melta spam is going to take down a vehicle like you say.

Oh, and I'm also surprised you didn't mix a couple of Thunderhammer/Storm Shield Terminators in that squad for some added survivability.

LordNurgle said...

well, plasmas are what the models have and they are mostly for high armour models/vehicles to soften up before I charge. As for hordes, I haven't seen many so far. though I did have a practice game againsgt my 142 model Sisters/imp guard army and I killed 120 of them. If i need to concentrate, I can have 157 attacks on the charge. If I am within 12" of Corbulo, then everything is furious charge. As for Thunder Hammer, the models don't have them and I don't like the mixed squads right now. Don't forget, I use the Blood Angel codex, so storm shields only give a 4+ save in close combat ONLY.

I know the army seems bad, but I've played it againgst tourney armies from my other armies and it keeps winning. go figure.

HuronBH said...

While this is a nasty close combat army I worry about it in objective games. 20 Scoring models is kind of light and from the description of how you use them I am guessing that they have jump packs and are meant to support assaults. If you have the models, I would suggest dropping the 6 plasma pistols (90pts), 3 of the additional Death Company (90pts) and picking up a 5 man squad of assault marines mounted in a rhino with some upgrades. This will give you a "free" 6th death company guy (about the right size for a death company in my opinion) and give you another scoring unit with some armor protection. Personally I would drop all the jump troops for rhino equivalents except for maybe a 5 man squad that I would hide till late game and then use to take/contest objectives.

Another alternative would be a 5 man tactical squad with meltagun in a Razorback with twin Heavy bolters.