Friday, December 11, 2009

Death Guard Dread

Ill right, I know I said Nurgle Bikers next, but this dread was just asking to be victimized with green stuff disease... still haven't got my green stuff pustules down, but I feel I am getting better. Anyhow, bikers are next and im super excited as I have one based and I think it going to turn out awesome... barrels on the back with skull and other bones floating in it...


Anton said...

The greenstuff on the leg is excellent. How many points do you have altogether now?

Pedro Kantor said...

here is all the stuff I have that I want to get painted before I play em...

Nurgle Daemon Prince Wings Sorcerer WarpTime (painted)
(going to run 2 of these eventually)

6 Terminators (various loadout not painted)

8x Plague Marines Powerweapon x2 Plasma Guns Rhino (painted)

8x Plague Marines Powerweapon x2 Plasma Guns Rhino (painted)

8x Plague Marines Powerweapon x2 Plasma Guns Rhino (these ones aren't actually finished)

10 Plaguebearers (painted)

7x Nurgle Bikers (not sure the load out yet) 2 painted up so far

Defiler (painted)

Landraider (not painted some green stuff)

All said thats right around 2000 pts so a good start to an army i think

Dasanton said...

Nice Eric! Can't wait to see the finished product. You've been busy to!

I am going to try my damnedest to get the 10k of epic IG done in the next week or so.. It's going to be close. I might do 2 reavers.

Pedro Kantor said...

Yes, i will be posting a bunch more stuff shortly, just finished 5 termies and Typhus. 2 bikes done (well almost) and a landraider full of disease!
Post your IG stuff asap too! You planning on coming back up anytime soon too?