Sunday, February 15, 2015

Zombicide: Rue Morgue in Milwaukee

In December two "big" things took place. The first thing that took place was that my girlfriend's copy of Zombicide: Rue Morgue came in the mail (Epic! I know.) The second thing was that my girlfriend and I moved to Milwaukee.

As the name 2ndCityWarzone might imply, this blog was born of gamers in Chicago. Originally, there were several of us who regularly blogged. Then the herd thinned further and further as interests and responsibilities changed, and in some cases people moved away. I've kept the torch going the longest and here I am, typing a post for 2ndCityWarzone while sitting in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee in our new place. I'd love to see some of the old guard in Chicago pick the torch back up again so I feel more like a guest blogger than a poser, but I don't have faith that will happen.

One of the first things to get unpacked and set up were my display cases and miniatures, because that's important; in part to make sure everything survived the journey. There were a couple of repair jobs necessary after the move, but nothing significant.

Since getting to Milwaukee I've had the pleasure of getting the grand gaming tour from my old boss at Next Dimension Games, Nate. He's shown me every cool gaming store, hobby store, and comic book store that sells games in pretty much all the nearby suburbs. It was very nice of him to do that and I can't thank him enough.

With the big move I haven't done a lot of gaming. I went back to Chicago once and met with some of my Broken Contract play testers to try out a new demo scenario and just hang out - but that's been it for gaming. I did get my first Broken Contract casts in the mail, so that was very exciting for me.

These models are Officer Hickley, Trest the Gen-Mod, and Talla Kellerman the Technician.

I'm working on painting them now - slowly but surely.

Officer Hickley with some paint on him. He's like 1/3 complete... Unless I change him completely, of course.

I still have a ways to go, but he's coming along. I've also been working on a ton of scenery for the game and have been doing a whole series on it on the Broken Contract design blog.

Model's eye view from within my futuristic "FerrumSky Iron Mine" terrain board.

Long story short, I really want to change my lack of game playing here in Milwaukee, so I created an event on to try and meet some new people here in Riverwest who might be into gaming. To that end, I'm hosting Zombicide: Rue Morgue at Fuel Cafe this Wednesday night at 7PM. If you're from the Milwaukee area and follow this blog, or just stumbled across this post on BoLS blog feed, feel free to come out and play some Zombicide. I'm really looking forward to playing some games, meeting some people, and playing the new game. The changes are subtle but interesting and Zombicide is always a good time. Hopefully people come out.

Thanks for reading!

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