Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Angels of Absolution Rhino

I've been working on finishing this Rhino for weeks now. It seemed like it would never end. I painted bits that never got attached (like a searchlight) and getting a nice thorough coat on every inch of it seemed to go on forever. I'm finally declaring it finished. The sad thing is, all the hours of labor were undone by going a little too heavy with the weathering and now I'm disappointed. I may end up going back and redoing the areas around the exhaust stacks. We'll see how I feel about it tomorrow. As of this moment I'm sick of looking at it so its going in the display case so I can move on.
I am now tied with last year's total painting output at 18 points. My updated stats should be 18 Points with 10 infantry and 2 tanks. Go me! -Nick


slipwing said...

Great job! It has just the right amount of weathering IMO.

LegenMythMan said...

Awsome work! Impressive.

Alex said...

I like this chapter's color scheme, but I never seriously considered them because of my concern over how the bone colored vehicles would turn out. You pulled it off nicely, very impressive!

Scott said...

I think It looks great, but you're always your own worse critc (I mean the royal you, since I'm the exact same way.

Keep it up, man.

Isiah said...

Hi there. I run a DA fansite www. and would love to feature your excellent AoA models in the gallery section. You would get full credit of course - you could even write up an introduction if you wanted to.

Let me know what you think,


xNickBaranx said...

Thanks all. I appreciate all the positive comments.

Isiah, I would love to do that. to get in touch.

Muskie said...

Looking good! I've been supposed to paint a new rhino for a about two years now, I'm really going to get to it this year.

I may even drybrush... ;-)

Grokka said...

Dude that rhino kicks ass. Nice job. My skills are so badly rotted that it makes me wanna cry. But painting hundreds of ORKS should get me back in fighting trim. I look forward to seeing your army in action again one day...MAYBE UBCON 2012?