Friday, June 3, 2011

AdMech Command Squad (Blight Wheel Minatures)

Hey all, I recently saw a new set of miniatures brought to you by Blight Wheel Miniatures. Thought they'd maybe make a nice addition to my AdMech Guard Army, so went ahead and bought a set. They are reasonably priced (for a smaller company) it was $29 for 5 resin models.. Overall, I love the sculpt's... I will say that (IMO) the arms and other accessories were way to fragile for a tabletop miniature... most parts broke fairly quick either by trying to carefully cut them off the sprue, or even by trying to glue them on the model... Fortunately, i have a ton of left over bionic bits from MaxMini, so decided to swap out a few of the arms since i think these bits are pretty cool. As always, my miniature are painted to what i feel are tabletop readiness and not alot of detail put into em. I do notice alot more flaws on the photo's, but eh im ok with that.
So without further ado.. here they are all painted up...
First up a group shot...

Here is the Company Commander.. wanted to give him a power weapon, but didn't have any in my bits box :( Sure i could use a count as in friendly games..

Here is my Vox-Caster... didn't turn out as good as my aspirations, but again, im ok with it.

The next 3 are my plasma dudes.. again, didn't have actual plasma guns, but tons of pistols in my bitz box, so thought i would double them up and make it a little more plausible as plasma gun count as..

Last guy is a bit blurry, but i think you get the gist...

Well, thats it for now, for those who have AdMech Armies, i would suggest you give these models a go, as overall i feel they are a nice addition to my army.


Arcadian 107th said...

I like it :)

Bigdaddy said...

I have some of them, I don't use scalpel for cut on the sprue, prefer the Cutter For Plastic (see on GW site) this is the best, my models don't broke when I cut them on the sprue, with it.