Thursday, June 9, 2011

AdMech Vendetta Gunship

Hey all, been working on this one for quite a while. After looking at the photo, may change the paint scheme a little bit more before I call this one all good. But regardless, wanted to get this one out there as im pretty proud. This was also my second attempt at hand drawing the mechanicus symbol at this scale (my other attempt can be seen here, ya gotta scroll down abit to see the back of a Russ.. Definitely happier with this one. I would like to practice some other unique identifiers eventually (like adding numbers etc to make this one unique) but it scares the hell outta me that im gonna mess up, so i haven't done it yet... So without further ado, here ya go

First up, a top shot.

Next up, a look inside the cabin with the heavy bolters shooting away at xeno scum!

A nice side shot, showing the twin linked Lascannons from a Landraider sprue

The other side, notice the addition of another las next to the cockpit.

And lastly, here is a slightly closer look at the cockpit itself..

The one thing i may try and change, just to add a little more color change, is paint the tail flaps straight black, just to mix it up a little more.. But maybe not too ;)
Thats it for now folks, Enjoy!


xNickBaranx said...

Very nice free hand work sir. Stoked!

Dasanton said...

Looking good! Might help to put some white/offwhite on there somewhere though, to help everything pop.