Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Freaks Come Out at Night...

So, here we have another army that I've never played with, and probably never will... My 7th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle Night Goblins... Sans 2 Shamans that have gone and hid under a mushroom somewhere...

I realize that I have way more interest in painting armies these days that playing most games.

And... like most things I'm involved in, this army was done on the cheap;
I got the Giant as some sort of prize in a tournament when that box first came out a few years ago
The 2 spear chukkas, the fanatics, and the wolves were picked up in trades.
All the infantry is BFSP, and hence, very cheap.
The snotling pumpwagon was an Ebay purchase that needed to get dripped and stripped.
I think that the only thing that I actually purchased at a retail outlet for this army, was the Big Boss on the Giant squig, which is a really fun model to paint.

Now that I've got it done, I've decided that I don't really want to learn 8th edition fantasy, so I'm going to sell it... On to new armies.... Currently being worked on are several epic armageddon forces, Dark Eldar (which is soon to be my only remaining 40k army), and a sci-fi skirmish game called Wreck Age that me and my friend Matt have been working on. (shameless self promotion).

I really would have loved to do one of these goblins in a wide brimmed hat, and maybe another one break dancing... Maybe next time!

Discos don't open till after dark
And it ain't till twelve till the party really starts
And I always had to be home by ten
Right before the fun was about to begin
Crowds of people lined up inside and out
Just one reason, to rock the house
But in the day time the streets was clear
You couldn't find a good freak anywhere, 'cause

The freaks come out at night
The freaks come out at night


matt said...

There will be plenty of 'shameless self promotion' in your immediate future.

Pedro Kantor said...

Awesome anton...
Just checked the wreckage site too, sounds likes its going to be pretty freaking cool!!!
thanks for sharing!