Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AdMech Rough Rider test model

Hey all,
Just recently picked up 5 of these little fella's from MicroArt Studios and thought they might look pretty good as a AdMech Rough Rider conversion. So here is a couple picts of my first attempt..

when i first started painting this guy up, i was like... wait a second, this model is bit different than the pictures posted on their website... sure enough i sent em an email pointing out the differences and they said.. yes, they had problems with the cast had to change it and apologized for not updating the picture, i noticed today that their picture is still the same... hmmmm... ps.. a added the chainsword and bolt pistol...
The other thing i tried to add was the Mechanicus symbol. I used the instant mold stuff to grab the icon from a landraider.. gotta say, that i will have to do try that one again, was hard to tell how bad looking it was til i started painting it up... Next one!

any how, here are some more...

Over all i would give this model a 8 out of 10 for creativeness, i think maybe a 6.5 out of 10 for the actual model it self, there are casting anomalies in quite a few spots.. missing pipes and cables with chunks missing out of them and the biggest was the fenders missing compared to the photo's online, really liked the hazard line painting online... oh well, its all good i think. Really have put this out there too, been posting on forums asking how people use their Rough Riders and so far, no one has said they actually use them anymore, as they only get to use the lance on the charge and only 1 attack base... kinda weak, but i will still paint up the rest and maybe try em out at some point, figure they could be a good last minute objective contest'r. The other thing i've been trying to find, is a good sort of Mechanicus type hunting lance i could use for the count as... any suggestion folks?


Muskie said...

It makes a pretty good stand in. All GW model tournaments wouldn't allow it, but how many of those are there that you plan on entering?

It is one model with the treads? I thought it was two models and was going to ask where the treads are from. A few companies make small treads Ramshackle does for sure, I picked up some, but I haven't built anything with them yet.

Pedro Kantor said...

for sure, most of my admech stuff is a mix of GW plus other companies bitz. Im ok as i don't go to GW tournaments here, just local tournaments run by others. The Model is actually from MicroArt Studios and its one of the Iron Brotherhood Models, that came as is, except for the chain sword and bolt pistol. Thanks for the comment!

xNickBaranx said...

Its funny. I love the idea of this model and when I looked at it quickly on the Micro Art Studio site a while back I thought it was pretty awesome. But even looking at their fully painted model on their site you can see all sort of irregularities. I bet we could come up with a way to scratch build or convert something just as cool though.

Lt Karn said...
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