Monday, April 30, 2012

New May Resolutions

Four months have come and gone and I have barely touched the blog let alone detailed my goals for the year. Normally I post my goals in the first week of January but my band was touring in January and my record label was working on the most involved release we had ever done through the months of February and most of March. So everything has been crazy since January. As a result, to be honest, up until a few weeks before Adepticon I hadn't really touched any of my hobby projects, which is a shame.

A couple of weeks before Adepticon I popped into Galactic Force Games on Belmont here in Chicago. The one guy who I always end up talking to there is real chatty and we talked about the new GW paint range and he was showing me his Dwarf Blood Bowl Team and talking up the new paint range. This leads to one of my goals for this year and that's to:

1) Go to Galactic Force Games more often.

I honestly don't support the local mom and pop type gaming shops enough. I almost always order online from GW or go to Oak Park or the Bunker for my hobby needs. I might even try to go in there and game on occasion.

Of course, that runs completely counter to my next goal. I bumped into one of my old bosses at GW #108 Walden Galleria at this year's Adepticon. Chicago native, Tim Lison was once the regional manager of the NY area and I was under his care for a bit and honestly he was one of the good ones. He informed me that he is now the manager of the Chicago Battle Bunker and that makes me want to pop in there more often as well. I rarely do because I don't drive a car, I'm a bike commuter. So that's a trickier one.

2) Go to the Battle Bunker more often.

This next one might help facilitate the 2nd one...

3) Attend more events.

Over the years I've been a part of multiple tight knit gaming groups that have all been dissolved by distance or responsibilities. I really miss having a reason to paint models and play games so I need to step out of my comfort zone and test the waters elsewhere I guess, because pushing my buds to be irresponsible isn't a very good friend move.

4) 2000 Points of Angels of Absolution

I'm stoked that I've gotten up to 1750 of fully painted Angels of Absolution but its about time I hit that 2000 mark. At the rate I'm going I'm averaging like 100 points painted a year. That's embarrassing. Hell, if I just finish a Terminator squad (which I desperately need) I'd be there.

I've got one done. I'd only need to paint 4 models. How easy is that?
5) Play Warhammer

The most fun I had over Adepticon weekend was playing in the 1000 point Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tournament. Considering the fact that none of my gaming buddies have Warhammer armies means that if I'm going to do this it means going into stores and attending events to make it happen.

6) Paint Something Big!

I don't care if its my Caestus Assault Ram, a Stompa, a Baneblade, or even my Necrosphynx - I want to complete a center piece item for my display cases. It could even be something new and exciting as long as it fits the bill.

7) Purge My Collection

I own too much stuff and my girlfriend and I are trying to start a business this year so its time to raise some capital. It also doesn't help that I became unemployed this past month. So too much stuff + no job + needing capital to start a business = PURGE THAT COLLECTION!

My Ebay Items

8) Get an Earlier Start on Adepticon 2013.

Last year I committed to running an event in October. I read the book I wanted to use for my event, poured over it and the original Storm of Vengeance campaign pack endlessly. I pushed around ideas on paper and brainstormed in the shower, and yet didn't actually get anything concrete onto hard drive or onto the table until the month before Adepticon. And as far as my own gaming went, I didn't prepare any of my army lists/models for play until the hour before each event. That's pathetic and even last minute for me.

So all told I just want to reclaim my hobby and gaming time and do something productive with it. I have thousands of dollars worth of models and gaming books collecting dust. Its time to turn that around and clear out anything that will never get used so that I can turn it into something useful and rewarding.

New May Resolutions. Better late than never I guess.


Max said...

I can definitely feel for a couple of these- my Ogre army has been sitting around for more than a year now, despite getting a new book that actually makes them fun to play. Also, having a display board planned and built, y'know, more than a week before Adepticon might make it look passable. :)

Once again, had a great time at the narrative event! Can't wait to see what more planning will do for it ;)

Brian said...

Good folk at Galactic Force. They have a few of last year's Killzone tables as well.

xNickBaranx said...

@Max, thank you very much for attending. I feel like I learned a lot from the experience and I can't wait to hone that event and expand another idea I have brewing.

@Brian, I forget the Australian or English guy's name but he's always enthusiastic and pleasant. I know the tables that you speak of. I remember being very impressed by them at Adepticon 2011 and they're the sharpest ones he has in the store.

Scott said...

I just purged a bunch of stuff myself. Best thing I ever did, seriously.

We'll play warhammer at some point, I promise.