Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wreck-Age Pack Boar

Today we've got something a little different. I'm traditionally pretty focused on GW games and models but some friends of ours from here in Chicago have been in the process of developing their own skirmish level miniatures game with an attached role playing game called Wreck-Age. Those that attended Adepticon may have seen them running demos in the long hall to the Junior Ballroom. A few weeks ago they commissioned me to do some painting for them. I actually don't normally do commission work but since they are friends and they've invested an enormous amount of effort into fluff, design, concept art, and sculptors I want to help them out.

Wreck-Age: Pack Boar from Hyacinth Games
This is a Pack Boar. I honestly don't know much about what it does in the game but its a cool looking model none the less. The gear looks great, though some of the details of the boar itself aren't up to the quality of their character sculpts but it'll still look cool as hell on the table top. In all likelihood you'll see more Wreck-Age models from Hyacinth Games on this site.


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Grokka said...

Hey that is really cool. A lot of the up and coming games are coming out with really nice work. Keep us posted on anything else they are doing. I am only able to paint at the local gaming store at the moment since I moved to Phoenix but I hope to get a table soon.