Sunday, July 22, 2012

So Many Voices - What Should I Really Be Painting For 6th Edition Dark Angels?

This mini has been in my case for a while. I actually head swapped a Rogue Trader era Librarian head with Psychic Hood and put it on a normal Tactical Marine body. The Angel on the chest is a 2nd Edition banner pole angel from either one of the Special Characters or the Dark Angels Dreadnought. Regardless it was filed flat and glued to his chest with the Aquila acting perfectly as his wings.  
In my last post I mentioned that I was going to work on a Librarian because maybe with the new powers Librarians might be effective in 6th Edition? Well, the internet is telling me they aren't. Or at least they aren't in comparison to the Librarian options of other armies.
You'll notice he isn't the traditional Ultramarine blue. He actually is being painted a plethora of oop Citadel colors: Deadly Nightshade, Festering Blue, and Hideous Blue. Hopefully when he's done he'll look clearly like a Librarian.

Everywhere I look Deathwing are getting nods for having 2+/5+(+FNP if you throw an Apothecary in there). The huge drawback here is they take forever to paint. I'd love to get a squad completed though. This one is barely even started.
Here's the AoBR Terminator that's on my desk right now. No conversion work on this guy thus far, just a couple extra purity seals. Who know's what will come when I get to adding his arms and chest though?
There are tiny bits of damage scraped into the greaves.  
I was just reading an article about how good Bikes have become, but the article mentioned every SM chapter bike option EXCEPT Ravenwing. (What's with the anti-DA prejudice?) So I wandered over to Bolter And Chainsword to see what people were talking about and indeed people seem to be digging Ravenwing in 6th Edition. The verdict is still out for sure, but they definitely have some perks. I was thinking about it and I think I might actually be able to finish a Ravenwing Squad before I ever got a Terminator squad on the table. Maybe I should work on them next?
I dragged out this bike and started working on it again. Based on the Bubonic Brown on the rider, I started this model a decade ago. He's one of at least 3 that were started.
Another model that's been on the table and I can't seem to stop myself from working on is this baldy pictured on the right. I had started working on him a few months ago and realized that I needed to pop his head off to really get the detail that I wanted. I already have more than enough Tactical Marines but he's so close to completion its hard to ignore him at this stage.
This was what he looked like in May. He had been roughly in the same state since the early 2000's.
First I went in and completed his body which is fully painted and highlighted waiting for his right knee to get its company marking and that's it. The head is all painted and highlighted as well. Finally, I added a sidearm to the model since he will hold a Special Weapon. 
Here are all the pieces of the model. Most of the model is done. If I don't get distracted I should finish him this week.
Finally, there are other partially completed models in my collection that are getting some chatter in 6th are Techmarines and Landspeeders. So many options to try!

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