Thursday, October 25, 2012

Im back....

Hey there.... Been a quite a few months for me since i've done much of anything 40k related.. sadly, that is... But now i am back from multiple midwest vacations and settling back into modeling and painting and hopefully getting my first 6th edition game in soon! Found a forum for the NW that has been a great resource so far for meeting folks in the area. stoked! Anyhow. recently picked up the choas codex online from GW and in order to get the free shipping, ordered a warpsmith too. This model is incredibly sculpted and easy to put together. I honestly could not really see using it for my deathguard army, but definitely can see some sort of capacity in my guard AdMech army with allies now. So, with a little chopping, sawing, filing, and greenstuffing, its complete.
Might just run as ally detachment as either Techpriest or SM Captain... will see, haven't really done much list building yet. Anyhow, here is one of leaders Also, picked up the dark vengeance box set when it first came out. Might use the cultists as cultists in my DG army, but may also use them as penal legion in my AdMech army or maybe both.. ha..
Here are the rest of the squad
Here is one of the chosen from the box set too
Thats it for now. Have a couple more models coming soon. so stay tuned!!! Cheers, Brose

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xNickBaranx said...

Back from the dead! Good stuff Eric. Welcome back.