Thursday, February 19, 2015

Scenery for Sale! Lovingly Crafted Scenery Here!

Some things have come up and I need money quickly so I'm going to try and purge my scenery collection for virtual cash. Some of these pieces have been with me for as many as 10+ years. Some of them were documented originally on my old blog, Redemptors of Golinar, when I moved to Chicago in 2006. But here I sit in my new home of Milwaukee and I need cash for a multitude of bills, so they have to go.

Small Shanty: This shack was built for an Ork themed shanty town when I first moved to Chicago in 2006. Plasticard, rock, sand, and something out of the inside of an old computer. $25.00.

Storage Tank: Built in Buffalo, NY in 2002 or 2004, I'm not sure exactly when, but this piece has seen many battles over the years. CD-R spindle, Plastruct, brass tubing, card, and a Leman Russ handle. The foamcore base was added in early 2009. $35.00

Chimney Stack: Built around 2006, this piece is built out of foamcore, cardstock, sand, and a fax paper tube. $25.00

Shanty Garage/Mek Workshop: This piece combines an "Ork tent" with little workshop off of the back. The piece features an Imperial Guard dozer blade, Citadel barrel, some off brand modular piping/ladder, Plastruct, sintra, corrugated cardboard, sand, and even paper towel soaked in glue. $40.00.

The Great Pinnacle: This piece stands just under 16" high in truly epic grandeur. I love this piece even if its a pain to store. Its actually large enough that a Stompa could use it for cover. It was built in Chicago in early 2009. I even found the blogpost from when I "finished it." I actually later went back and added weathering powders when I got them in like 2012.  Foamcore, foam insulation, sand, and a lot of spackling. $35.00

Gateway Spires: One of my favorite types of pieces to build are the pieces of scenery that create a pathway. I love the visual of it. Anyway, the taller of the two spires stands 10". Built in early 2009 in Chicago out of foamcore, foam insulation, sand, and spackling. $25.00

Mid Spire: This spire is a little smaller, still coming in at 11" tall. It features two mated foam spires on a built up base. Built in Chicago in early 2009. Foamcore, foam insulation, sand, and spackling. $20.00

The Pinnacles Set: Buy the whole Pinnacles set for $75.00 so they don't have to be separated from their friends.

Desert Scrub Forest: The scrub forest. Natural broom bristles, foamcore, foam insulation, sand, and spackling. $25.00 if you want to pick some things up. Prices do not include postage.

Thanks for reading.

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