Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crimson Fist Storm Talon

Hey All, So, wow adepticon huh.. crazy how fast things sell out these days.. seems like when i first attended 5 or 6 years ago there were team tournament slots open right up until almost the weekend of the event. Thats great for them though.. sadly, my being out west and being currently unemployed and *** see very bottom of this post *** Saw Nicks last post here and his event sound so very much fun! actually last year i didn't attend the championships or the team tourney and i think had an even better time attending smaller events. I wish you the best Nick, the storm of vengeance was a blast last year! Alas, i am still buying toys soldiers left and right even if i am not currently gaming... Here is my converted Storm Talon. Lots of green stuff to fill big gaps. still not 100% sold on it, but i think it looks a ton better than the stock model (obviously IMO!) Also, bought the ork bomba too, so maybe that will be coming up the pipe next
As always too, i notice how slightly crappy my paint job is as soon as i photograph it.. eh.. oh well! Primed it on a very hot day and the primer just cracked and left crazy creases all over it, so just said oh well on this one. In other news.... Just bought a Coronado 25ft sailboat, that needs some love and care and most likely most of my winter... hopefully will still try and find some time to get some 40k in!!!!

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