Thursday, December 13, 2012

Overwhelmed by Projects: Adepticon and Wreck-Age

I've been really quiet lately but it hasn't been because I haven't been hobby-ing it up. I actually have been so buried in projects that finding time to blog about it all has been difficult.

Here's a quick run down of what's going on...

Base coating building movement trays for the city buildings. The borders are strips that are separated into 1"x1" sidewalk blocks.
Most of my time lately has been spent on preparing for Adepticon - specifically the 40K Warzone Tournament. I had started work fleshing out the rules and gathering the stratagems I wanted to use as far back as July, but then I needed something functional submitted to Mr. Matt Weeks for them to post up. I'm pleased with myself because the event I ran last year I was still working everything out up right up until Adepticon weekend. This year I had the main body of work submitted before most everyone else. You can see the complete tournament rules and a sample scenario here:

40K Warzone Tournament Rules

By the end of January I'd like to have the complete scenarios up as well as the special rules for each table. The 40K Warzone Tournament is largely about battling under unique and interesting conditions that you don't encounter in a standard game. I want people to be able to show up and have a fun time and not be blindsided by a bunch of special rules or random charts they weren't prepared for so I want everything available to the players in advance.

In addition to all of the nuts and bolts aspects of the event I am attempting to provide all of the tables and scenery for the event. Luckily I have a foundation built up between my personal tables and the tables I started making for last year's event so I should be in good shape - I hope.

Once all of that essential stuff is out of the way, then I can start working on my Orks and Tomb Kings for the two events I'm signed up to play in - 40K Combat Patrol and Warhammer Fantasy It's How You Use It.


Long time readers will know that I've painted a few Wreck-Age models. The guys at Hyacinth Games live 4 blocks away from me and I've known them for years. Crunch time is upon them to crank out their debut edition of the game so they've been coming over weekly to do some play testing of scenarios and to discuss mechanics and the like. I've really been enjoying myself. I've always been a rule tinker and I'm excited to lend my input and time to help them get their game off the ground. Here's some game shots from this week (Note: This is my scenery but not my models.):
Staker Outrider scanning the darkness for my Drifter scum during a Night Raid mission.
One of my Bacon Bombs barrels passed his Staker Guard and assail the Staker Outpost, only to meander about in blind boar rage because the Drifter Handler was gunned down before he could press the detonator. 
Expect a lot more info and photos as the countdown to Adepticon progresses - that is if I can find the time to blog between projects.


PS. If you missed it check out my guest editorial on BoLS that ran last Friday December 7th. Some Tournament Organizers and players want the tournament circuit to play under strict adherence to the "Eternal War" portion of the 40K rule book and others want to completely strip out the randomness that is somewhat common place in 6th Edition. People refer to these camps of thought as "True 6th Edition" and "40K 5.1". I think both camps are engaging in some half baked zealotry. I've always liked tournaments for new scenarios, awesome tables, beautiful armies, and unique experiences so trying to get everyone to support one camp or the other just seems wrong, so I spoke up about it. Enjoy!

The Search for "True 6th Edition"

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