Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dan Abnett, How Could You?

FELL CARGO - page 152

"Roque shook his head. 'I have not words Sesto. No words do it justice. Blood, there is blood. Pestilence. I see the future, I think. Fire and sword, fire and sword. Wholesale war. And darkness. Such suffocating darkness. Is that what is to come, Sesto? A grim darkness of the far future where there is only war?'

Dan Abnett I hate you so much right now.


Scott said...

Hahahahah! That is awesome! Super Cheese!

Pedro Kantor said...

That is.... is the book good other than that though? was reading the synopsis at BL and it does sound pretty good, you'll have to let me borrow it when your done.

xNickBaranx said...

Its got entertaining moments and groan worthy moments. Its worth reading if you're in the mood for pirate themed trash - which I was.