Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drilling Made Easier

I've been working on and off with those Deamonettes over the last couple weeks. Then the thought occurred to me that with Planetstrike coming out soon, I could probably use another elite choice.

I've had a fiend of Slaanesh sitting in my drawer for a couple months, so I decided to put it together.

Since I have a lot of metal models in this deamon army, I decided to invest in this:

No, it is not a sex toy. It is just a provocatively shaped craft hand drill. It has made drilling holes in pewter so much easier. (Edit: For those of you who want your own, here's a link to the store where I bought mine:

The part I was most concerned about was the rear most legs on the fiend. The model has four legs, but stands on two. I was concerned that the joint holding those legs on would be weak. I knew I had to pin them.

Th drill did an awesome job. In fact I was able to drill straight through the model in just about a minute.

I'll eventually run a pin through the hips and drill a hole in both legs.

The only downside to this whole endeavor (and I'm still working on getting it together) happened when I tried to drill a hole in the base of the rear leg so I could pin it to the base. unfortunately, I put too much pressure on it and snapped off the bit in the hole. I learned that you just have to let the drill spin and do it's job. Don't push it.

Also: Squats are alive and well and living on my block:


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

"this" My ESP is failing me - brand name? Where did you get it? What did the drill cost? Did it come with drill bits for hobby work, or did you need to raid your pin vise?

Scott said...

Ha! Sorry, Rich. The brand name is Fiskers and I got it at Blick Art store for about $18. I'll add a link in the post.

It did come with some bits, but they are way too big for the stuff that we do. I just used my own bits. It fits every size down to my smallest ones.

Evernevermore said...

Oh no - you helped reset the Squat clock!

So this little drill really does work, interestng

AoM said...

without a hobby vise for the table, this doesn't seem to be a very useful drill. With a vise, seems like it might be useful sometimes, but I'll stick with the good ol' trusy pin vise for now.

Pedro Kantor said...

yea that is a nice one, i too have broken so many drill bitz (with the old school hand held) and with out a vise, I think both of those might be investments in my near future....