Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scenic Base for a Fiend

Lately, I've been trying to make my bases a little more interesting. I'll talk about what I've been doing for my rank-and-file troops some other time. Right now I want to show you the base I just made for my Fiend.

Since this Fiend of Slaanesh is a larger model of an Elite unit, I knew that it needed a base to help it stand out.

I started with this door from the Sanctum Imperialis box.

Using my trusty craft drill and a wide variety of drill bits, I drilled a bunch of shallow indentations into the door. I drilled a couple holes near the corner all the way through. I was trying to make it look like chunks of the door had been blown out, but I didn't want it to just look like it was riddled with bullet holes.

Then I cut the door at an angle and glued it to the base with some rocks and cork.

Finally, I filled in the gaps with some sand and smaller rocks.

I usually mix the glue with black ink or Chaos Black. After the glue on the base has dried a bit, I coat it with another layer of thinned ink and glue. This seals any porous materials on the base (like the cork). When I prime the miniature in white, some black usually shows through on the base. This provides a little built-in shading.

I realized after the glue dried that I need to add more sand around the base of the door. It needs to look like it's mostly buried in rubble.

Pretty simple overall, but hopefully it will help the miniature stand out.

As for the fiend itself, it's coming pretty slowly.

I've been really taking my time to make sure it's built right. This is probably the biggest all-metal miniature I've ever built. I don't want to put it on the table and have it fall into 8 pieces.


As a follow up to my last post, yes, you do need to use a vice of some kind to use the craft drill. I'm not saying I'd use it for everything, but for pinning metal models, it can't be beat. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it cuts drilling time down to a quarter of doing it by hand (maybe an eighth).


xNickBaranx said...

That door looks great. I can't wait to see it painted up. I'm curious to see how the Fiend will be positioned on it.

Good stuff!

Scott said...

Thankss, Nick.

I had to bend the fiends legs a bit since the door is at such an odd angle. I guess that's one thing that metal is good for: it bends fairly easily.

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