Monday, February 28, 2011

Seattle Wargamming 40k Tournament...

Hey all,
So a brand new store just opened up in Seattle proper and they held there first 2000 point 40k singles tournament yesterday... I was still riding a slight high from recently co-winning a team tournament held at a GW store up north, my MVP's of that army list were a Terminator Librarian attached to a 7x Assault Terminator squad... so I decided, why not take two of em... two is always better than one right??? and its not really Landraider/Assault Terminator spam if your only running two of em right?? ;) anyways feeling pretty beat so gonna cut right to the chase.. I ended up winning all 3 games, no tabling by any means.. just good sound tactical decisions based on really paying attention to the missions (which were straight outta the book, so nothing fancy) again, anyways...

Here is a photo of my army

And here is a copy of the list i ran..

Librarian in Terminator Armor with Storm Shield
Force Weapon; Might of the ancients; Null Zone

7x Assault Terminators
4x Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields; 3x Lightning Claws

Landraider Crusader
Multi-Melta; Extra Armor

Librarian in Terminator Armor with Storm Shield
Force Weapon; Might of the ancients; Null Zone

7x Assault Terminators
4x Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields; 3x Lightning Claws

Landraider Crusader
Multi-Melta; Extra Armor

10x Tactical Squad
Plasma Gun; Melta Gun; Powerfist

10x Tactical Squad
Missile Launcher; Melta Gun; Powerfist

5x Assault Marines
Plasma Pistol; Power Weapon; Melta Bombs

and here is what happened..
Game 1 against a pure Thousand Sons List... Mission: Kill Points
(co-blog author Scott.. you would have been proud of this guy!)
He had 3 tactical squads in rhinos, 2 Daemon Princes, Lascannon Predator, a couple dreads, and a small daemon squad.
I parked my tactical squads in their rhino's hull down and just shot out the hatch pretty much the whole game... i don't think they did a thing either, well except for one of them dying that is ;)
Terminators were the MVP's and brought down 7 kill points while he was able to get 3 outta me.. Game 1, win 1-0

Game 2 against a pure Nurgle Daemon Army..
He had lots of nurglings, the great unclean one and lots of other nasty big buggers...
This game was table quarters with 1 objective in each players quarter...
To play safe.. i held everything in a tight ball around my objective and just waited for him come to me.. in the end it was a good tactic as his was only able to pretty much send a unit at a time to come after my objective and each time i was able to destroy said units with my terminators... i was able to do a last minute contesting of his objective with one of my landraiders too.. (sorry but no action pictures this round as it was tense.. but here are a couple photo's of his army)
Game 2, win 2-0

Game 3.. i was slightly worried as i saw earlier that i was either going to be going up against a mech Blood Angels army (which i felt like i probably would have done horribly against) or a foot slogging Space Wolves list (which i felt more confident about doing good agains)... luck of the draw pit against the latter and i was excited to see this through... This mission was 5 objective markers and pitched battle.
He had 3 blood claw units.. 2 missile launcher long fangs.. some jump pack wolves (not sure their name) and a couple multimelta landspeeders..
from the go, i decided to split my army in half and hope that he would do the same so it would be easier to piece meal him... by the second turn i was able to park on landraider on an objective with a back up tactical squad behind.. on another objective i did the opposite... it was a good choice too as the first LR was easily within assault range of one the markers on his side of the board and it was just enough of a deterrent to keep two of his squads away from those objectives til the 5th turn.. good tactic as i was able to do a last minute push and tie up those units in combat, contesting it, while bring my own tactical squad up and claiming mine.. while on the other side of the board i was able to piece meal his units and claim another objective.... Game 3, WIN 3-0...
The blood angles were still playing after we finished and i knew that if she was to win, i would probably take second as i knew she had way more kill points than me in the first game.. luckily (for me that is) she was only able to pull out a draw... so i won the tournament with the lovely 'Best General' title and a $50 gift card!!!

I have to say, all three people i played against were awesome player and over the event was one of the funner tournaments i've played in... So excited about this new store opening up as its really close to home and ran by two really great people and players!!!
Next weekend is the TSHFT tournament which should have over 50 players and runs over 2 days.. going to bring this list again and depending on how it goes.. write up another article!
Cheers and thanks for reading!


Scott said...

It's exciting to a pure thousand sons list. I haven't run a pure list in ages.

Anyway, I can't believe how much you're killing it in the tournaments out there. Good work, man!

xNickBaranx said...

It must be softer competition out west. ;)

Good job Eric! Though there is a hole in one of your Rhinos. haha.

Pedro Kantor said...

thanks guys! Definitely not softer competition as every game was a hard fought victory... but i do gotta say two hard hitting assault terminator squads with librarian back sure do help!...
against mech or hoard maybe not so much, but i've yet to face either.. but probably will this weekend, so we shall see...

GDMNW said...

You should never feel guilty about your army list. The only people who complain about AV14 spam are the people who have not brought the tools to deal with it.

Your army looks good and I bet it is quite fun to play. So don't worry about it.