Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All Ready For Adepticon.. Here we go!!!

Hey all, well I am done with army list building and painting for Adepticon!!!! Yea!!! Not much new to show as i've already posted photo's off all these guys before, but thought i'd do group photo 'ops for em and post my lists for people to comment on if they so feel it. First off is my Dark Angels for the Storm Of Vengence narrative campaign.

Here is the list
Interrogator Chaplain Boreas 120pts
Tactical Squad Peliel 200pts
Tactical Squad Lemael 210pts
Assault Squad Zaltys 300pts
Devastator Squad Heman 245pts
Ravenwing Squad Methaniel 100pts

Total Points 1175

Next up, Legio Crimson Mons for Combat Patrol

List is...
Veteran Squad Archapaleo (2x flamers; chimera) 135pts
Veteran Squad Techapaleo (1x meltagun; chimera) 135pts
Armoured Sentinel Phoenician(AutoCannon) 60pts
Armoured Sentinel Baalian (LasCannon) 70pts

Total Points 400

Last up, is my Kill Zone Special Operations List

Team Leader
Assault Marine Sergeant
Power Weapon
Hit and Run
Refractor Field
Close Combat Accessories
Total Cost 80

Assault Marine
Plasma Pistol
Gun Fighter
Close Combat Accessories
Total Cost 45

Plasma Canon
Total Cost 31

Heavy Bolter
Total Cost 26

Tactical Marine Sergeant
Power Weapon
Close Combat Accessories
Total Cost 48

Tactical Marine
Total Cost 19

Total Cost 249

And there we have it, all done!!! (well, not 100% sure my Killzone List is legal yet. currently working with the organizer to make sure) Models are packed up and ready to be shipped to Chicago ahead of time. Can't wait as its always so fun and sadly i missed last year, so not again!

Here is a sneak peak on a new Legio Crimson Mons Heavy Weapons Squad (missile launcher) conversion Im working on. Pretty cool me thinks...


Joshman said...

Great stuff, here are links to my Chaplin and Librarian for the event.



Pedro Kantor said...

awesome, those look great!!! Any tactical or scout squad photos?

Joshman said...

I am redoing the tactical marines, but here is a link to my Photobuck album.


Pedro Kantor said...


Pedro Kantor said...

we should have a giant battle at the end of the narrative.. would be cool to see all the DA together!

Joshman said...

If time allows I would be all for it, it is probably a good thing that I took that following Monday off from work.

xNickBaranx said...

The final scenario, Death by Moonlight is essentially the "big battle at the end." It'll happen.

xNickBaranx said...

Looking good everyone by the way!