Thursday, March 22, 2012

AdMech Heavy Weapons Squads v2

Hey all, So made some recent conversions for my IG AdMech army and thought i'd share.
These models are from Microart Studios and are pretty cool as is (another conversion here), but wasn't totally happy with that one, so wanted to try a missile launcher squad. My other heavy weapons squads were based on the RT rapier laser chassy and the FG demolition tank. but those are expensive or hard to find, so while the actual cast on these guys isn't the best... they still look pretty good IMO...
First group shot.

i liked the body/head on with this model, so didn't take much to add some bionics to fill out the whole body. they are a bit 'wonky' looking but really fit with the AdMech theme me thinks.

and i was able to pose them in different positions without too much work

all these missile came from the chimera sprues.. unfortunately, i only had 5.. so the one the guy is holding is from another random sprue. i figure i can easily justify the differences by frag or krak right ;)

And thats it for today, next up the 25th anniversary GW 40k Crimson Fists model. Almost done painting that guy up.

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