Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Cleaning and Moving Forward Part 1

At least once a year I drag everything out of the display cases so that I can dust the inside of the cases, dust the models where needed and take an assessment of where I am and what things I'd like to do with my armies. In my last post I mentioned that my only goal for this year is to get my Angels of Absolution to 2000 points and that if I just painted 4 more "Deathwing" Terminators I would meet that goal. 

Yesterday the models were dragged out and assessed and the dusting began. It was dreary outside yesterday due to rain and clouds so I elected to wait until today to take some quick shots. The one thing I did do yesterday was select some models for sale and create a checklist, or should I say wishlist, of things I'd like to do this year. Think of these like secondary goals or multiple roads to facilitate completing the goal of getting the Angels of Absolution to 2000 points.

1. Complete 3 models for Tactical Squad #1 of the 5th Company. This squad was a complete squad for most of the last 15 years but last year I decided a lot of the models required demotion to the 6th Company and replacement with updated models. I have to complete 3 models to accomplish this. Unfortunately it wouldn't benefit my approximate points total.

2. Complete 5 models for Tactical Squad #2 of the 5th Company. Since this squad is a legal combat squad as it stands there is no hurry to do this and I consider it a low priority.

3. Complete 1 model for Tactical Squad #5 of the 5th Company. Like the 1st company, I believe this model was removed for reassignment and needs to be replaced still.

4. Complete 3 models for Assault Squad #8 of the 5th Company. I have 1 almost completely done and its some of my best work I think. I have 2 other models started but considering the squad performs so horribly I've been planning to replace them with 2 marines with plasma pistols. Regardless, completing this unit would definitely get me closer to the goal of 2000 points. Unfortunately they sort of suck.

5. Complete 4 models for Devastator Squad #9 of the 5th Company. I'd love to bulk this unit out to 10 just because. I had 2 Heavy Bolter guys assembled and in various stages of painting but pulled them apart a couple of years ago and that's how they've stayed. This would also bolster the points for my army but getting through the Heavy Bolter models will be a bear. Their guns and packs will take me as long as the rest of the model in all likelihood. 

6. Complete 1 Razorback as a transport for Devastator Squad #9. As you can see the turret and hatches are already completed. I have a Rhino hull packed away somewhere in some state of completion and an assortment of additional pieces. This is actually a fairly easy source of points.   
Fully painted Razorback parts.

7. Complete 4 "Deathwing" Terminators. I see this as my best route to 2000 points and the highest priority of my army. Far from invincible, I play a "Dark Angels" army that has none of the special characterful units. Last year I completed one lone Terminator and I have 2 others converted and started. Even if I don't complete all 4 I'd still be stoked if I just completed the 2 I have on deck.
This guy has no friends. The models on the shelf behind him are all from the 6th Reserve Company or the 10th Scout Company. As a Terminator of the 1st Company he stands alone.

8. Complete 4 Scouts of the 10th Company. I'm pretty sure I finished my first modern scout in 2010. I have various brave young scouts in various stages of completion in the case waiting for my attention. After reading The Purging of Kadillus it gave me a greater sense of how the 2nd and 10th companies coordinate their roles and this made me want to complete this unit even more. Plus, having a lower point unit to eat up points is really handy to have. You can see an old school Rogue Trader era scout to the left of the Terminator in the picture. I think they're cool but I can't bring myself to use them in my actual Scout unit.

9. Complete 3 "Ravenwing" bikes of the 2nd Company. This is a complete pipe dream. I would love to get them done. I have several bikes started from multiple attempts to get this unit on the table top. As much as I'd love to have them on the table this year, 2013 or 2014 seem way more realistic.

10. Complete 1 Dreadnought. I've had a converted, mostly completed dread in my figure case for the last decade. I finished a new dreadnought before I completed this one. I also have a Black Reach Dread started. I honestly don't care which one I complete. I see either as reasonable easy army points.

11. Complete 1 Librarian. This is really a low priority because they are terrible in the game but considering the relationship between Chaplains and Librarians in the Dark Angels' fluff I feel that I really need to finish this model - possibly as a Crystal Brush entry for next year if I decide to get really crazy.

12. Complete 1 Caestus Assault Ram. There are rumors of Space Marines getting another flyer this year but who knows if they will and if Dark Angels will have access to it. I own and have begun painting a Caestus Assault Ram bought at Adepticon 2011 and I really want to complete this as a centerpiece for this army. My other major hobby goal for this year was to complete something "big". This is one of the likely candidates.
This shelf is entirely composed of models from the 5th Company of the Angels of Absolution. They need their centerpiece!
Now with the top two shelves of the case out of the way, what about the 3rd? The third shelf held my completed Redemptors of Golinar Imperial Guard army and some miscellaneous crap. I pulled some of the crap off of the shelf for sale purposes.
The mighty vehicles of the Redemptors of Golinar with a Priest and a Culexus Assassin. Randomly there is also my Votex Grenade Template and Rogue Daemon painting award that I should consider selling. I'm sure a Chaos player could use it more than me even if it strokes my ego a little.

Here are some of the models that I'm planning to sell. First are a few Orlock Gangers from Necromunda. I need to look to see if I have any others to complete a gang. If not they'll go up as is.

These are some of my oldest models. I re-based them a couple of years ago but these were painted the year Necromunda came out. I have one more not pictured that's been waiting on my table for static grass for a year or so now.

The one Chaos Legion I love are the Iron Warriors. Their story is one of my favorites and I love that they didn't  turn to daemon worship so much as they were just so slighted that it broke their will and they went rogue. Like all my models I didn't use any decals. 
 Alas, I have 10 more of these models in various stages of completion so it makes the most sense to crank them out and get them up on Ebay as a group. We'll see how long that takes me.

My painting table.
I just pulled some marines out yesterday to try and fill some of the holes mentioned about. The Orlock Ganger just needs some static grass. The cuddly rampaging dog is another model from Wreck-Age by Hyacinth Games, and there are some Tomb Kings in the background which will feature heavily in Part 2 of this article. 



Muskie said...

Your army reminds me some of mine. I never sell anything and doubt I ever will sell anything I've painted, I have stripped stuff and may strip a few more old space orks, but basically having repainted a third of the Diseased Sons, plus stripped and repainted/re-purposed another third, stripping and painting Space Orks from Rogue Trader or early 2nd Edition times isn't appealing.

I was going to get my Space Orks back on the table shortly after the dawn of the fifth edition. I think I painted one model, but I did get them out of storage. They along with all my models are back in storage as my life continues to be stalled in neutral.

I did work on my even less useful 4th Edition era WFB army and paint yet more Nurgle Deamons so I could try out 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I wish I would have worked on terrain projects or a few more Chaos or 40K Ork things. I have a spreadsheet that tracks what I've painted and what I plan to paint plus various goal army lists even some blog postings, but I just don't know anymore.

Spacemarines are supposed to get the Storm Talon this summer, Orks get two flyers, Chaos nothing but there is rumors of a Mecha Dragon. I have mixed feelings about rumors for 6th and a new Codex. I don't get to play much and I paint slow because I put a lot of effort into my army (armies). I'd like to do something new and exciting but mainly I will likely try to complete old projects/ideas as the models and bitz for them is already in my possession.

I'll keep following your efforts as I have to stay away from certain things in the real world. My main army has a website at but I mainly update blogs or BBS or Flickr and by mainly I mean over a year ago. ;-)

Good luck completing all your various projects, I'll be reading.

xNickBaranx said...

There was a point where I hated the idea of selling anything that I painted but eventually I will - even some of my Angels of Absolution. A time will come where the 2nd Edition Boxed Game models, along with the Rogue Trader era Scouts and some others will be a thing of the past. Not yet, but eventually.

I have so much random stuff I've accumulated from projects started and never pursued that I just need to get rid of them.

Some of them, like the Angels of Absolution, are a labor of love. But others just need to have enough crap added to them to be sold, packed up, and shipped out. haha.

Part of me wants to keep certain things for nostalgia purposes but space in my 2 bedroom apartment is at a premium. We've got 3 adults and 2 pit bulls living here, my girlfriend and both are big hobby people with boxes and boxes of supplies (she does knitting/crochet/sewing etc) and then I run a record label and have some musical equipment besides. Too much stuff. hahaha.

I looked at your blog and your flicker. I really like that modular trench section I saw and you're an accomplished painter for sure! Sooooo many old models. Very cool sir!

As for 6th Edition, other than that Mechanical Dragon I'm pretty excited for what I'm hearing. That Dragon though. Oof. I hope its much cooler than it sounds.