Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring Cleaning Part II - Some Painted Ebay Listings

A week or so ago I started the process of "cleaning house". I'm out of work and money is tight and I have models laying around that I will never get around to painting or that I painted at some point, but I know full well will never be fleshed out into a functional army any time in the foreseeable future. So the cannibalization of my collection has begun.

So far I've sold off a fair number of out of print items but every time I go into the closet I seem to find more stuff that I am willing to part ways with. This means that if you check at what I have up now, its worth while to check back regularly to see what's different. I'm going to keep putting stuff up until I no longer have to and that could take a while.

I have a few fully painted items up right now that I'd like to liquidate. It seems like fully painted armies and individual characters net the best results and instead I'm putting up solitary units. What can you do? I need to liquidate what's not being used.

First up is a very colorful group of Crypt Ghouls, or as they were known in 1994 when I first started collecting Undead - Ghouls. I credit this unit with teaching me how to paint. Skeletons were where I learned dry brushing but they didn't teach me highlighting. As I dry brushed the earliest Ghouls I learned the basics of where the highlights are supposed to go and as time went on I went from the dirty dusty look of dry brushing to experimenting with painting on the layers for smoother tones. When I moved on to 40K the groundwork was then in place for me to be able to look at how Space Marines were highlighted and try and emulate that style. Anyway, back to these Ghouls. In 1994 I thought Ghouls were one of the coolest things in the Undead army even though they sucked on the battlefield. I also loved the little story about the Ghoul King in the original Undead army book so I eventually converted up a champion and a banner bearer even if I couldn't use them in the game as anything special. As you can tell, there's a lot of memories and back story to this unit so its a shame to see it go, but go it must.
 The next unit was from the same era but didn't have the same evolution. Between completing the back ranks of Ghouls and the front ranks I got sidetracked by the release of Necromunda. Though the Cawdor became my true love in Necromunda (and later became my Redemptors of Golinar Imperial Guard army) I originally painted a few Orlocks out of the boxed game. These models are nothing special I guess but they have been used in multiple stores at multiple demo events over the last 15 years. Not being involved at that end of the hobby anymore has left them gathering dust so they should find a nice home where they can skulk around the Underhive once more.
 Finally (for today) I have these Chaos Space Marines. I love the idea of the Iron Warriors and if I ever did a Chaos Legion it would be them. Somewhere in the early to mid 2000's I wanted to try and increase my speed at painting and decided to try Iron Warriors out. These were done with a couple heavy dry brush layers of Boltgun Metal and Mithril Silver, a black wash, and then a straight Mithril Silver highlight. I then did some quick Burnished Gold accents. Wow, things are hauling now right? So that's when my speed painting attack crapped out. One of the coolest things about Iron Warriors is the contrast created by the caution stripes. So then areas were gone over in two coats of white and then Chaos Black and Golden Yellow stripes that were then fully highlighted. Plus, I can't have marines without hand painted Iron Warriors insignia's right? All told, though faster than my Angels of Absolution they were not "quick" and the idea was shelved. Oh well.

It should be noted that the squad uses a mix of the 2nd Edition Chaos multipart plastics and the 3rd Edition Khorne Berserkers. All of the Khorne iconography has been shaved off. I think they look pretty bad ass. Maybe one day if I start playing regularly again I'll revisit the idea of Iron Warriors.
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