Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wreck-Age Mutt

I have no idea what the official name of the Wreck-Age dogs is going to be, they haven't announced these miniatures on their website yet. I do know that this model was sculpted by the same sculptor who sculpted the Pack Boar I presented a few weeks ago. You can order that model from their online store now.

In all honesty, as cool as the idea of Pack Boars is, I liked painting this sculpt way more. Maybe its because I love dogs and have two of my own but I felt like the paws were excellent for the scale and the proportioning of the body and the fur texture were exactly what I'd hope for and expect. This model was a joy to paint.
The actual mold is of a set of 3 models so I have two more to paint but I was really excited with how this silly little model turned out so I wanted to get some pics of it and post them around. I have a couple of other Wreck-Age models on deck so I'm sure you'll see some more of their range on 2ndCityWarzone soon.


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matt said...

We might as well announce them soon, as we are going to have production minis in a few weeks (Nick painted up one of the masters). One of their paws didn't mold right (different dog) so it has been taking some time!