Saturday, September 1, 2012

Angels of Absolution - Dreadnought Eros

Going back to 2006 in the year before I moved to Chicago I came to visit my friend Anton who was living in Ukrainian Village at the time. We were going to our first Adepticon. I had decided I needed some long range firepower to make my army more competitive so I feverishly attempted to paint a dreadnought straight out of the box. There are no conversions and no extra details added. I got it done quickly and it looks sharp, but its just a plain old dread. This week I added some details to the base and I used weathering powders on the legs. At first the base looked "wrong" because as I weathered the feet it left giant dust prints just around them and nowhere else on the base. I had no choice but to weather the base some. I think it came out well. One of these days I'll add some purity seals and other honors but for now Eros will stay as is - former Tactical Marine of the 5th Company.
All the lenses are gemmed. Chapter Marking is on the right breast. His progenitor squad marking is on his left greave, His Company Marking is on his right greave. His name is worn on his sarcophagus.

Eros was grievously  wounded while serving in a Tactical Squad of the 5th Company, bears the mark of his origins, and will often serve side by side with his original squad.

Chapter Marking on the Missile Launcher.

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Zaphod Beeblebrox said...

I really like the color scheme - something you don't see every day! Good job!