Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tactical Squad Midas of the 5th Company of the Angels of Absolution

I just dropped a post 2 hours ago but I wanted to document the updated bases and weathering I put into Tactical Squad Midas over the last 2 days. Though they died to a man, they are the only Squad I can think of in the tournament over the weekend that put up a real fight and had some heroic moments.  The plasma gunner even broke and ran, rallied, and came back to try and contest the objective he was driven off of. He then died in a blaze of glory. This is Tactical Squad Midas:
Veteran Sergeant Midas with Octaviel, Lassar, Trojan, and Mosneriel.
Squad Leader Balor, Hol, Alion, Hol, and Valderiel.


agemmanjw said...

took ya long enough!!! Very nice work. Very nice, indeed.

Zab said...

Really nice. Decals or freehand on the chapter insignia? I'm thinking of making my dark vengeance set into angels of redemption.

xNickBaranx said...

Thanks! I do everything freehand - no decals.