Tuesday, April 9, 2013

40K Warzone Desert Table #3: Sanguinary Valley

Desert Table #3: The Sanguinary Valley
To make this table a bit more distinctive (and to give it a cool name), I hit the valley with a bunch of red and orange weathering powder. These two tables were originally built to be used for the Koth Ridge scenario last year for my Piscina IV event but they weren't completely finished in time. Over the weekend I dry brushed both, added weather powder and flock, and just flipped one of the tables around to convert it from a ridge line with a tight gully into a valley.

Here are some quick shots:
Close up of the ridge stretching into the Sanguinary Valley.
Close up of the weathered valley.
The backside of the ridge line.
Topside shot of the center of the valley and the reddish dust that gives it its name.
Aerial view.


ahschmidt said...

Wow, very very cool! Lets get a game on it sometime after Adepticon!

Pedro Kantor said...

Yea. Love this one the best, nice mix of shading and colors!

xNickBaranx said...

Thanks guys.

@Aaron, we'll definitely make that happen.

@Eric, stay tuned. I still have 14 more tables to feature and I'll be using weathering effects and the like on most of them.