Sunday, April 14, 2013

40K Warzone Rule Packet

I finished the rule packet a short while ago. Hopefully all of the scenarios prove enjoyable for everyone, and hopefully my poor Photoshop skills don't leave people scratching their heads too often wondering what something says. This whole process has been a learning experience and I feel like I gained a lot from it. Enjoy! -Nick

Updated for easier reading.


Chubs said...

Looking good

xNickBaranx said...

Thanks man. It took hours and hours to put that together, and I just scrapped 5 pages of design work because they weren't legible enough. No time to be brokenhearted though. I have tables to finish.

Looking fwd to Combat Patrol - though I made a few lists that all will require me painting something that I have no time to paint, so I might need to just go with pretty but completely non-competitive like normal. haha.

Chubs said...

I feel you on the pages and pages design work, we'll catch up at a-con.

Harry Brown said...

Hi Nick, me and my brother went to our first AdeptiCon this year. Really enjoyed it, and we were able to watch some of the 40K Warzone games. We were both very interested in the concept, and are starting to make plans to get armies ready for next year.

I just have one question with the 1000 pt armies and the 250 pt sideboard? Is this field a 1000 points max on the board, with 250 on the side for 1250 total, or is it 1000 points total including the sideboard and you would only field 750 points total on the board.

Any help on understanding this would be great.

Great work, and looking forward to seeing this tournament again next year.