Thursday, March 4, 2010

Put it on the Board! Deamonettes Done.

This unit is done. I will never paint 11 miniatures at the same time. I think 5-6 is the ideal number I can do at once. otherwise, I get bored.

Anyway, this unit is done. It's an 11 strong unit so that with the Herald it will have 12 models (2x Slaanesh's sacred number of 6)

I'm really happy with the icon as well.

What I'm not happy with is the fact that I'm still struggling with using this camera. I really just need to set aside to learn it top to bottom.

In other news, Like Nick, I have resurrected my old blog. I miss posting in-progress shots, so I'll be putting those up there along with whatever random crap that doesn't fit the polished image of 2nd City Warzone.

Nick: 4
Scott: 11


Pedro Kantor said...

Very nice! Would love to see em in action someday... hint hint!

Anonymous said...

Great Site. Was added to mybookmarks. Greetings From USA.

xNickBaranx said...

Scott, the models came out great. I love the banner. Take your photos by a window Mr Yellow Tint!

Scott said...

I'd take pictures at the window, but I'm not usualy home in the middle of the day. I'm usually working with morning light and a northern exposure.

I took some by my window a couple weeks ago that came out pretty well. They're the ones on Citizen Nick Hobby Center.

rpthomps1111 said...

Yes, good job. I know what you mean about getting bored. I was painting 36+ wood elves and I now I don't want to look at one anymore, let alone finish them.


twitter: rpthomps

Warhammer39999 said...

Those are some sharp paint jobs. It's hard to make it out from the photos, but they look to have some really nice blending from pink to blue. Any chance we could get some close-up shots of those parts?

Scott said...

I just bought some high-watt daylight bulbs. It's making my pictures come out a lot better. I'll probably be posting them at so keep an eye out there, too.