Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Adepticon Coverage

Unlike most attendees to Adepticon, I tend to not take a lot of pictures of armies. I realize that their are a lot of people out there doing that who are doing a much better job of it (For example).

I tend to take picture of friends I don't to get to see as much as I like. For example, my buddy General Baggy in the picture above.

Here I am discussing gaming with Aaron (of Xenite's Little Green Monsters) and Felix (of Pokeminiatures).

Here Dave (Rabid Bat Studio and Gorgon Miniatures) watches over the Vox Populi board.

Our very own Matt Weeks creates order out of chaos.

Here the 2nd City Team (Eric Brose and Nick Baran)prepares for war in Saturday's team tournament.

I did take a few pictures of miniatures, like the ones below.

I was impressed at how many Fortresses of Redemption this particular group of tables had.

I also had the opportunity to play on Matt's famous Epic table with Anton's massive imperial guard army (I got to control three titans!)

I also took my son, Max with me this year. Unfortunately, he was deemed a heretic and captured by this sister of battle. Although, she's not a very good sister of battle if she thinks he's the heretical one.

Over all, this was one of the best Adepticons I've been a part of. I think this has to do with the fact that I volunteered this year. It's so much more rewarding to actually help make the convention the great time it was.

As is typical of the days after Adepticon, I'm already thinking about next year.


Ancientsociety said...

General Baggy was just about THE best part of Adepticon!

Col. Corbane said...

That epic table looks excellent, it doesn't look like epic at all.

Thanks for sharing mate.

Dasanton said...

I totally wanted to kick that bag guy in the nuts... but then I realized that it would really suck to be that guy, even without my foot to the groin.