Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My One Adepticon Accomplishment

This year we at 2nd City Warzone attempted to go as simplistic as possible for the 2010 40K Team Tournament. We elected to use Buffalo, NY Battle-Brother Mike Nogle's Blood Angels' 5th Company as our tournament force. His force was already largely painted and based in a cohesive scheme - though there were a few models that needed to be put together last minute. About 3 weeks ahead of time I got a package in the mail from Buffalo that included the full force I would be playing with along with this unpainted Furioso Dreadnought conversion:
This gave me what would seem like plenty of time to get this model done. However, at the zero hour the tactical markings still weren't done. In the two days since Adepticon 2010 I finally completed the tactical markings. So that you know, the model was actually primed with Skull White Primer, and then coated again with Blood Angels Red Spray - now long out of print. The metal bits of the legs were coated with Boltgun Metal Spray - also out of print. The sharpest highlights were done with Bronzed Flesh in order to slightly mute the orange factor slightly. I think it worked out really well.
5th Company Marking.
Blood Angels Chapter Insignia.
Enoch. First Dreadnought of the Fifth Company - Former Tactical Trooper before interment.

Oh yeah - and this should net me 4 more points in the Painting Race with Scott. Too bad he doesn'd get to stay in my display case. haha.


Matthias said...

Very nice Nick. That plus a pile of Space Hulk Terminators makes me want to paint some Blood Angels (28mm this time). Although...I have a feeling everyone wants to paint some Blood Angels right about now...

Scott said...

Nice job Nick. I never would have thought to use bronzed flesh to highlight.

Blood angels are pretty cool. I could see why you'd want it to do an army of them. But yeah, you'd be on a pretty big bandwagon.

The tally has been updated.

xNickBaranx said...

Thanks gents. I have a couple more models I need to complete for Nogle to repay my debt to him, but we're going to see some more Angels of Absolution drop before I move on to his models. I've got a bit of the painting bug at the moment.

And Matt, I back you painting Blood Angels. Just saying.

Muskie said...

Bronzed Flesh to highlight red. Good work, I too am not a fan of the orange look. I'm doing some Khorne models up and I want my red nice and dark and evil.

Dasanton said...

It turned out really well, and I have to say I'm impressed at how far you came with it in three weeks... I managed to get it into combat I'd say... 0 times, but still, it was looking good while walking across the field and getting shot to shit.