Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Eldar go to WAR!!!!

There is a Grand Tournament only an hour away from me in November. It is Da Boyz GT and info can be found here I have decided to use my Eldar, since they won a tournament last month and going to a tourney that grades painting, will make me touch the army up. I will include some pictures soon, including my scorpian/swooping hawk/shinning spear autarch on jetbike. I thought i'd put up my army list first. I am trying to go for a good composition score, so the only things that i have 2 of is wave serpents and autarchs. I figure this is almost like a training force, almost all guardians(including drivers) except for a token Dire Avenger "recruiter" squad and the two autarchs. I will be working on story and a display board for the army. Winner of the tourney gets a free bid at The GT in Vegas, plus an eldar titan!!!!

Autarch on jetbike, laser lance, madiblasters (leads jetbikes) - 130
Autarch on foot, madiblasters, power weapon, fusion gun (leads storm guardians) - 100

10 Storm Guardians, 2 fusion guns, warlock, enhance - 132
in Wave serpent, shuriken cannon, twin linked missle launchers, spirit stones - 140

10 guardians, missle launcher, warlock, singing spear, destructor - 238
in Wave serpent, shuriken cannon, twin linked bright lances, spirit stones - 155

6 jetbikes, 2 shuriken cannons, warlock, singing spear, embolden - 205

5 dire avengers (1 exarch, diresword) rides in the Falcon - 82

3 vypers 3 missle launchers, 3 shuriken cannons - 225

Nightspinner, surriken cannon, Holofields, Spirit Stones -170

Fireprism, surriken cannon, Holofields, Spirit Stones - 170

Falocn, Bright Lance, surriken cannon, Holofields, Spirit Stones - 200

1847/1850 total

The idea is that I will try to get 2nd turn every game and keep everything in reserve. The Autarchs will let me arrive on a 2+ on turn 2. I will come in where the enemy is weakest and hopefully outside of the range of his big guns. This will force them to move losing more turns of shooting. I have 4 scoring units and the Dire Avengers are mostly there to make the Falcon scoring. Though I have killed big things before with the Diresword. It's a great FU to something big and scary. I appreciate any comments

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Muskie said...

Good luck, I don't know the comp. rules but your army looks maneuverable which is really important in some missions.

You may still get dinged for so many floating tanks with magic tricks by some, I don't know. I wouldn't count on always getting second for an entire tournament.

I'd also make sure to practice against Deathstar type units, assault terminators, Nobz mobs etc...